Gauge, what does it mean?

I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but what exactly does gauge mean when it relates to bearings? I thought it meant size, but then it wouldn’t have a size measurement right?

Anyway as usual, I appreciate any answers you can give me.



This link will probably make it clearer than I could with words here. (Since it uses a picture)

btw, that link is the first link that comes up under google with the search data of “bearing gauge”

I’m probably dense, btw I tried that google link first, but it doesn’t mean anything to me.

Well, in that instance… the gauge was a numerical number indicating a standard bearing size.

The card was being used to measure the diameter of the bearing, in this case to enable a customer to buy the proper size of bearing dustcap with integrated greasing mechanism.

If you spot the numbers along the edge of the card (1781, 1980, 2328, 2441, 2717), they would correspond to common bearing sizes (read gauge) in use for boat trailers.

So, if you slip this card over your existing dust cap or bearing, you will know it size/guage to order their “Bearing Budd” ® to fit your trailer bearings.

There are probably more than one set of standard guages for bearings, but you should be able to get the idea from this example. For a more specific example, I would need to know the context of your bearing gauge question. (i.e. what type of bearing, etc…)

Excellent. Thanks now I understand it.

“Gauge” in bearing speak has no meaning. As scotth was getting at, and I think you understand now, it is just a tool… like an air pressure Gauge, oil temperature gauge, etc… just a measuring device.

Now, as someone that is familiar with bearings and bearing buddies, you don’t need no stinkin’ “gauge” for that. The sizes they are giving you is just the diameter of the hub where the dustcap goes in inches. — 1.78", 1.98" (<–most common by far), 2.32", etc.

By no means can you tell what dust cap goes with any given bearing or vice versa. There are some that are more likely than others, but you can never say with certainty that say, you have a L44649/L44610 set it’ll take a 1980 bearing buddy… it probably will though.

BTW - If your using it on a boat trailer and getting them submerged with some consistancy, set some Bra’s for them as well. Wherever you buy the Bearing Buddies, they should sell those too. They’re cheap.

I must be campaigning for uber-geek status, since I thought this would be a question about what physicists mean by gauge symmetry.