Need info on ball bearing numbers

I need to purchase 2 ball bearings for a cement mixer. The number on the original bearings is “6007 2RSR C3”. I understand that the first number (or any number in first position) indicates that it is a metric bearing (the 6).

I understand that the second number, the zero, indicates “extra light”. Does this mean it is lightweight, as in not heavy duty with a short lifespan?

I have had this cement mixer for upwards of 20 years and I have replaced these bearings twice before. I was wondering if I could buy bearings of the same exact size but heavier duty that would last longer.

the chart I looked at on the internet gave the following ratings.

0 Extra light
1 Extra light thrust
2 Light
3 Medium
4 Heavy

So would a bearing of number 6307 2RSR C3 be the same exact bearing but longer-lasting? I need a crash course here from someone who knows.


Ask at a bearing supply house. A stronger bearing may be a littler larger so you may have to purchase a new bearing and a new block. And mountiing holes.

Wow, false alarm. I just took the assembly apart, the place where the axle is welded to the drum is totally rusted out and bent out of shape. It’s a new drum or a new mixer. Dang!

irrelevant as it may be now, but a 6307 is physically larger than a 6007 (18mm larger OD and 7mm wider.)

is this the chart you found?

yes, it was that one. Anyway, need a new one… :frowning: