GaWd hits 666

Just noticed on his profile, it shows GaWd has 666 posts.
It just seems :wrong: somehow. Commentary, anyone?
Satan perhaps???

Everybody hits 666 eventually.

Woah…good catch girls! :slight_smile:

My omnipotence has failed me and I was E-vile, if only for a spell. I’m no longer with the mark of Satan.

Fear not dear ladies, GaWd is just as clean as ever :smiley:


Once you’ve been marked, you never go back… :wink:

Ya know, there’s a reason I hid mine over in ATMB, and quickly followed up…

On the other hand, I’m a touch dissappointed that nobody else noticed… :frowning:

Oh, Poor Chronos…when you hide threads in a forum that gets ignored by most, how do you expect us to laud your acheivements?