Gay fatigue - bigot idiot fatigue

I’m not sure, but he’s definitely no Tivan.

You know, at first I thought this was going to be about how fatigued gays are from dealing with idiot bigots. Instead of it being a screed by an idiot bigot.

No, not for a long time because that just ends with entire towns that drive out hated groups by making it impossible to do business there. A practice that used to be so common towards black people that reference guides were published detailing which towns would and would not let blacks shop and get gas and so on.

“Ghastly sodomites”? :rolleyes:

Anyway, reality is the opposite of your scenario. In reality, bigots will come from far and wide and form up in lines to buy from that business and proudly proclaim their bigotry. We saw that dramatically demonstrated with Chick-fil-A.

Don’t be silly; you are clearly anti-gay. I mean, *“ghastly sodomites”? * Do you call black people monkeys too? Probably.

That isn’t really fair. He does criticize bigots, he just points out that gay people are just as bad as they are, and that he’s the real victim because he has to hear about gay stuff.

Given how big an asshole the OP appears to be - it’s no wonder he’s tired.

<church lady>
Right. They should just go somewhere else where they are welcome. Perhaps somewhere like HELL!

And these modern gays are so… Uppity, don’t you think? Why they just wander around wherever they want to go, acting like they’re normal or something. Do you know who else is uppity? Can you say SATAN!!?

The very nerve of them! Acting like they have the same rights as the rest of us normal people!

</church lady>

In the old days people held sit-ins at racially segregated lunch counters, you moron.

They want to fuck you in the booooty. The BOOOOOOO I’ll show myself out.

Yeah, like there are so many florists in Ajo AZ that you have to choose which one to go to …

Not everybody lives in a city and can have a number of the same businesses to choose from. There are vast areas in the country that are populated with small towns…and large areas in Arizona that are small towns and not cities.:cool:

Agreed. You should do the moral and gentlemanly thing and take his host’s two virgin daughters instead, if he offers them. Must you slander the poor dears’ beauty so, and before the whole town?!

The problem is not that the taxes are too high, the problem is in the form of payment required. Don’t ask.

Yes, you know, gay zombies. Do not blow them; not all their parts are always firmly attached, and it could get really awkward.

The funny part is how the same people who are always eager to tell other people that they should toughen up and get a thick skin are themselves such delicate snowflakes who are constantly complaining about how the world offends their sensibilities.

Close-Minded Man Not Even Willing To Hear Out Argument On Why Homosexuality An Abomination

Well it was nice of the OP to pit himself for us even if he didn’t realize that’s what he was doing.

Iamnotivan you’re an asshole thanks for letting us know.

Space Ghost’s less popular brother?

Blip! RUN!

That’s true . . . but you bravely assume the position nevertheless.

And where the hell did you find a florist who wasn’t gay?

– Panache, an out and proud ghastly sodomite

What position are you in, specifically? Can you see your own asshole from there?

This is going well.

They’re almost certainly faaaaabulous.

I’d say that was a big reason. There are 3 florists in Ajo, the next nearest one is 77 miles away.