Gay fatigue - bigot idiot fatigue

The Arizona nonsense is just that: nasty foolish gays vs. intractable stupid bigots. You might think the usual gay response to a florist refusing to sell flowers would be Yeah, no, we will take our business elsewhere. Oh no, not in the modern scorched earth society and gays who adore intolerance. They have to know that no small business, especially florists, can withstand the massive costs of a Human rights or legal suit and will be bankrupted.**
You might have thought, as in the old days, that prospective customers who are so disliked by the potential seller would not even want to deal with them.
Conversely, you might think a sensible business owner would reflect on whether they actually want to refuse these ghastly sodomites or put their own business in jeopardy.
No, no, no, today some percentage want to waste the time of the courts, and make a national media orgy because a couple of morons would not go to any one of dozens of other florists.
The Human rights fight is a guaranteed loss. Anything short of grovelling today is a violation which will cost $50,000 to defend. But if such a case got to court, I would hope the judge would award 100% of legal costs to the defendants for plaintiffs wasting the time/resources of the courts.
Believe me, I am in no position to be anti-gay. But the hourly news about some new gay development, about old men like Elton John acquiring babies much like one more purse, etc. etc is tiresome. I have travelled to 42 countries & it has been the case that in many, no flag, no parade, no declaration nor 24 hours a day of gay news was needed to commit sodomy. But now, Western gays have established a sovereign state of homosexuality which makes unlimited demands on all others, waits hourly/daily just dying to be offended, and mostly pretends that homosexuals must be clearly defined from the rest of humanity. Enough already.

Take your anger and hate and direct it towards those who are discriminating against gays.

It is fine to me if people want to raise hell in order to have civil rights and live in society. I don’t begrudge them that annoyance, in fact, I encourage it

How dare they demand the rights of every other human being!

And this couldn’t go into the thread that’s currently running on this topic why?

That one belongs to ivan.

I don’t like your kind. And I think we should refuse to do business with you.

“commit sodomy” ? Seriously ?

It’s from a book… hold on, let me look it up…

Yeah, here it is: “Black book of no no’s by dirty bronze age primitives, 3333rd edition.”

Hey, slow down. I’m not ready for commitment!

It may be controversial, but I’m going to go on the record as saying I believe sodomy is wrong. And by sodomy, of course, I mean pulling a stranger out of someone’s home and gang-raping him.

You always have to take the contrarian viewpoint?

I first read this as “ghostly sodomites” and got a little scared.

What are the taxes like in this 51st state? I live in California and they are pretty high here.

I agree with the OP. In fact I don’t understand why I have to deal with anybody not named Ivan. If you are not Ivan and I refuse to do business with you I am sure that you can take your business elsewhere. In fact, it should be the law that anybody can refuse to do business with anybody not named Ivan. I am sure that there are many businesses that will cater to non-Ivans and they can all go to those.

Is “gay fatigue” what you get for clenching your sphincter in fear 24/7?

Oh, uh, yeah bro, it was totally a ghost. You don’t remember because you were passed out…

I know I make a lot of money from Johns (which is, as everybody knows, the English equivalent of Ivan).

I’m aghast at these scary new developments.

Kind of like in The Entity?


I’m sorry, who the fuck are you again?