Gay Men, Moms Sue JONAH--NJ Jewish Gay Conversion Therapists

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Does anyone believe these techniques work? A hope they get a buttload of money!

Do you mean the specific techniques that you quoted, or conversion therapy generally? The specific quoted techniques sound ridiculous. As for conversion therapy generally, I personally would be very skeptical, but then I’m skeptical of all other forms of mental health therapy too.

In general, it’s hard to know with any real degree of confidence about such a political hot-button topic. There’s only one “correct” answer to the question of whether it works, and few reputable researchers are going to jeopardize their careers by concluding that it works.


Some of these “methods” sound an awful lot more like recruiting. Doing a “strip tease” in front of the “Coach”? Are these methods from the Jerry Sandusky manual?

screeeech. ‘Mental health?’ My sexuality is a mental health problem?

I don’t think the poster you quoted believes that, but the people who practice conversion therapy sure do.

I think he just meant, “Well, I’m skeptical of conversion therapy, but then again, I’m also skeptical of <other things that some people believe have clinical value>.”

No…but wanting to change your sexuality might possibly be.