Gay Mountain

UK Channel 4’s reaction to the anti-gay idiocy connected with the Sochi Winter Olympics is a short musical number called ‘Gay Mountain’.

I can’t post a link to it from here (because of video content restrictions) - but this Google search should lead to video links and discussion.

I for one, think it’s genius :slight_smile:

I wonder if many gay people think it’s making light of a serious issue though, and resorting to outdated harmful stereotypes?

Beyond the general anti-gay idiocy in Russia (which is unreservedly idiotic), what specific anti-gay idiocy is in evidence at the Sochi games?

Actually, at the games? I would think any visible evidence of conspicuous anti-gay idiocy actually at the games would also be evidence of incompetent security.

Putin telling gay spectators they’re welcome, as long as they leave the children alone.

Call me naive, but I don’t get it. Would someone clue in the clueless (I like the video, BTW, and the girls are hot)? Please speak using small words that a 4th grader would understand.

Not at Sochi but Olympics-related: Protestors in Moscow held a rainbow flag during the Opening Ceremonies and sung Russia’s national anthem. Police arrested them, and the activists allege that some of them were beaten (for among other things, requesting their lawyer), they were threatened with sexual violence, and that they were not given the names of those who did this nor could they file a complaint during detention or after release. One alleges that her phone was tapped as they had changed their protest location a half hour prior and police were still waiting for them.

I’d say it’s a way of thumbing our collective noses at the idiocy of anti-gay laws in general, having a little fun doing so, and wishing luck to all of the athletes taking part.

I think it might also be playing on flying deliberately in the face of ‘promotion of homosexuality’ thing that was specific to the Russian news stories.

There’s also this (Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe) - one of the Russian officials interviewed in news sources (clip included here at 2:15)) says “Why do they need our minors? Why cannot you survive just having your same sex friend, having your common disease, together with him venerological[sic] disease or AIDS and to live with him…”

I’m sure there’s some selective quoting of juicy stupidity afoot, but it seemed like, for a while, every time anyone tried to explain what they meant by the last bit of bigotry, they just ended up digging the hole deeper.

Maybe something is lost in translation?

As for the video, I don’t’ get it. I like the Canadian one “The Olympics have always been a little gay” and the Norwegian (?) one. “No matter what team you’re on”

I’m offended by this video . . . only because if actual gay men had done it, it would’ve had much better lyrics. And that skinny guy near the end would have been on longer.

I hear that baseball is gay. A little bird told me.

Ireland’s contribution:

Spoilered for the two-click rule, because it’s a Putin Rap based on ‘Forgot About Dre’ and contains a serious amount of motherfuckery.

Possible, but I think all we’re really seeing here is that Russia is a few decades behind some other parts of the civilised world in this regard.

I have to admit, I have seen better gay videos staged and performed in small, remote gay bars that this failed attempt at humor.

It is not offensive, just lame.

In what way do you think it fails? Maybe there’s a cultural gulf of some sort here.