Gazillions of Ladybugs

Okay, I have spent autumn in numerous different locales and never been suffered Ladybug infestation like we seem to have in central Ohio.


When it’s little beetle that you happen to find crawling on your jeans when you’re outside having a picnic, that’s one thing. You might even consider it “cute.” But evacuating half a dozen or so of this little beasts out of my room every day is giving me a very different attitude towards these creepies.

Why- autumn?
Why- only here?
Why- are there so Bobdamn many of them?
Why- won’t they stay out of my space?

“There is nothing you ought to do, for the simple reason that you know nothing, nothing whatever- make a mental note of that, if you please.”
-V. Nabokov

Hmmm…you might want to hook up with Phobia on the ladybug research grant proposal.

Well, ladybugs are drawn to find warmer places as the cool winter months approach and the south and west sides of your home are rather toasty places to hang out. Eventually, they make their way in through cracks, around windows, doors, vents, etc and take up residence in your home. Some people’s houses get hundreds of the li’l gals and need to just vaccuum them out.

Just be happy that you can at least pretend your vistors are cute. The other insect notorious for this sort of thing are box elder bugs. Besides being larger, uglier and emitting a rank smell when crushed, they can also bite. The place I work at is currently infested with hundreds if not thousands of the little buggers and if last year is any indication, I’ll be looking at them clear through March.

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

I’ve heard that ladybugs are supposed to be good luck. Don’t ask me the origin of that info, it’s just something I heard. So whenever my boyfriend sees one in the apartment, I beg him not to kill it. I need all the good luck I can get.

“I put instant coffee in the microwave and almost went back in time”–Steven Wright

They’re all over central PA as well. And they bite sometimes. That’s all I have to say about that.

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

Ladybugs bite?

Several years ago I was w/a friend when he discovered that cockroaches can bite.

Ladybugs bite?! Cockroaches bite?! You guys are givin me the heebie jeebies! I hope you’re wrong or teasing me or something, because I’ll never be able to take off my mosquito-net body suit again otherwize. Jimminny Chrissmas.

I was unaware that ladybugs could bite. Well, I knew they have chewing mouth parts because they eat aphids, but I didn’t think they could chew on you hard enough for you to notice. Box elder bugs, on the other hand, can give a fairly painful nip if they’re in the mood, though most of the time they just blunder about and look stupid.

I can believe cockroaches bite – they’re certainly large enough to have mouth parts able to give a good chomp.

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”