Gazoo Works on Saturday! (or please, keep me awake!!)

Dang, I have to walk over to the bank and put in about 4 hours of actual work. It’s mostly mind-numbing paperwork, but still… I notice they had me do it (salary) as opposed to someone they’d have to pay time-and-a-half.

Well, dopers, I’m going to need something to keep me smiling during this time. I’m just about to head in. Please post something, anything, to this thread to keep me amused. Thought, jokes, trivia questions, lyrics, greetings, **anything!

Please, I beg of you!!**

Okay, let me see if I can picture the scenario here…you’ll be too busy with your hands to surf any of the other threads…all you can manage to do is to bend over every couple of minutes and hit the mouse button with your nose to refresh the page…

virtuall married to myhand and pornoflix

Hoping to be welcomed by Satan:mad:

virtually worked, too…gee, nobody else? Is there an Alf festival on TV this morning? On Melmac, fur isn’t murder- it’s a napkin! Forget the tiger-skin rug, Elinor; whatcha got in the freezer? I ate Garfield, but those suction cups stuck to the roof of my mouth! Hey, I was just gettin’ started! Oops, gotta go- my replacement’s here!

virtually snubbed by tiggeril and h_thur!

Oww, almost took my eye out on a letter opener hitting “refresh” with my nose…

Yeah, I’m at work today (getting paid time and a half :stuck_out_tongue: ), and working really hard, too. I’m hardly surfing AT ALL! No, really, I’m working, honest…