Goofing off at work

Ok, here’s one I thought everyone could relate to…

What’s the worst bit of goofing off you’ve every done while working? If it’s during business hours you get a bonus point :smiley:

My worst is pretty mild, I think…

i go the can every day at the dame time for 30 or so minutes and get paid for it…hehe

I guess also waisting an entire day surfing the new would do as well…

Playing solitaire on the 'puter. When games became available at work a few years ago, it was obvious to many that a lot of employees were goofing off, so the techs were told to remove all the games. My son (a tech) told me how to download solitaire at home to a diskette, which I took to work and I now play there – too much. Mostly because I’m so freaking bored with my job. some days I manage to get a lot of work done, but when I get frustrated or need a break, back to solitaire I go. Or when I’m put on hold (which is often), I play it. Another employee who happened to see my solitaire minimized at the bottom of my screen told me she did the same thing (brought it in on a diskette). some friends have e-mailed me games which I play occasionally too.


If you didn’t see this around Xmas last year, I’m truly sorry for you.

Actually…I was kind of fibbing…the worst thing I did was tell the people that I would be in an important meeting for the afternoon…then I went to the show :smiley:

Yes! elf bowling - one of our contractors sent us that one as well as the snowball fight, and the frog catapult – the frogs are my favorite; haven’t been able to win with the 3 birds.

I left work and went with three other people to the 1:00 showing of There’s Something About Mary and then went back to work. Nobody even noticed that I was gone, or at least nobody ever questioned me about it. I kept meaning to repeat the outing but then I quit that job.

Went to the Field, near the beach on a great day. Did quite a bit of work, but lste in the afternoon, dug out the ol’ shorts & went splashing. :smiley:

I used to have a coworker who did this everyday. He said he was so important he got paid to take a dump.
This same person would come in about once a month and announce that today was a “no work day.” This meant he was going to try and goof off the whole shift and not a a single productive thing. He was often very sucessful.


The SDMB is my time waster at work. I wouldn’t have time to be here if I was home now.

There’s always goofing off at my work, which usually involves sitting around and eating. The latest ‘thing’ is chatting on our new ‘for work purpose only’ walky talky. Also, one time I was bored so I did my homework…

(Keep in mind I’m a student with only a part-time job)

What Kind of Sexist remark is that :mad: :stuck_out_tongue: to complain about Female Co-Workers having a special Time so they can all go together … I think that policy is very progressive … OH what … Just a Typo … ** Never Mind**:eek:

Having to stop goofing off…

Also, getting my billable hours in.

If I were a legal secretary, I would be able to goof off with impunity [though it helps to be discreet if others are busy]if the attorneys I work for had nothing for me to do. However, paralegals and attorneys in most private firms have billable hour requirements. Fortunately, paralegal requirements at my firm are reasonable.

I don’t get the internet on my desktop, so I can’t use the SDMB during work hours (normally). I used to have a lot of games installed on my computer, though they were lost during our last computer upgrade.

I do have e-mail at my desktop, so if any of you become friends with me, e-mail me during work hours–I’m lonely.

um, let me think, ways I goof off at work…

  1. Listen to hockey games over the internet
  2. post on the SDMB
  3. throw around footballs in the building
  4. 3 nerf dart guns and 1 vortex gun
  5. color Gameboy
  6. juggling or Diablo
  7. drawer full of candy
  8. constant talking with other co-workers
  9. surfing the web in general…
    the list does continue…

I feel like I’m following DRY around. I’m not really. (Unless you want me to) :wink:

Or maybe he’s just posting to a lot of topics tonight. If that’s true, Go DRY!

What was the topic again? I forgot. Dang. Oh yes, goofing off at work. I NEVER do this. Okay, that’s a lie. Sometimes I say I’m going to get a drink and then I visit everyone from my office to the breakroom. Other times I call my sister at work and chat with her. Or I call Shayna and talk about MPSIMS and funny posts.

Most of the time I get online and surf the web. Or I edit a soap opera discussion board. Since my monitor faces away from my door I can pretty much play and close the screen or minimize it if anyone walks in.

I’m not sure what you mean, Grace. Where have you been following me around? I’m sure I’d have noticed an attractive and charming female such as yourself behind me (as contrasted by the trolls and persona non grata and LAWYERS I normally associate with)

Of course I would LOVE you to keep following me around. (I’ll try to come up with an appropriate Shakespeare quote later.) :slight_smile:

Ya know, it seems I’m following Shayna around some, and since you know her, maybe the three of us could…

Oops. You’ll probably get on the phone with her and say “I’m glad this freak lives near YOU!”

I don’t get web access at my desktop (They only give it to the attorneys because they’re afraid the rest of us will goof off. But: 1) If I have work to do, I’ve got to do it, potential distractions or no. In case they don’t realize it, the TELEPHONE makes a GREAT distraction, if I’m looking for an excuse, 2) WTF do they think the attorneys here do with the net?), but I do get e-mail. Which is a hell of a distraction. :slight_smile:

When we moved into our present office, my computer monitor was facing the doorway. SCREW THAT!! :mad:
That was the FIRST thing I changed when I went into my new office. :smiley:

I’se going to ask you what “GL” stands for on your profile.
Then, as I was about to send this off and reread your quote, I was going to ask which soap. Even I can put two and two together (I hope)

Duh–Guiding Light??

HAHHAHAHAHA I can top you all! I used to work construction as a clean up guy. I would put in about maybe 10 hours of work a week. I’d get sent to clean up a house. I’d take an hour to get there, do a half hours worth of work, go to lunch for an hour and a half, come back, work for an hour, and go home. I’d get paid for eight hours, 8-4:30. Usually, thought, I’d only be at work from 8-2 or so. Most of it wasn’t even working. I got bold quite often and took off at 11 or so, and sometimes I was daring enough to just go straight home after I checked in with home office. They kept sending me to a distant site that was near my house, so I’d go sweep a room and go home for the day. HAHAHAH they never caught on. I can’t tell you how many times I’d nap in a closet, or sleep in the rafters for a few hours on a hot day… It was the good life. Now that I’m in retail I rarely get a chance to fuck around.


I have a friend who was like this. (Yeah–it really was a friend, not me, LOL)

He was a “runner” for law firms, before messenger services were used as much (or maybe the law firm thought it was cheaper to hire people like my friend).

Anyway, he knew all the “outs”–how long something SHOULD take to get from point A to point B. However, he became expert at driving 80-90 MPH, double parking and making “quickie” deliveries, the works. And he’d always set it up so he could call work towards the end of the day and say “Hey–by the time I get back into the office it’ll be time for me to clock out. Can I just go home instead of coming back?”

They’d say, “Sure.” Not realizing that he WAS CALLING FROM HOME, WHERE HE’D BEEN FOR AT LEAST A COUPLE OF HOURS. :smiley: :smiley:

I had another friend who didn’t know the first, who also held a similar position at a different firm. He had similar stories, and would often regale me with tales about how he goofed off, and got drunk with other friends who held this type of position, in the parking lot of a local supermarket.

No wonder why law firms use messenger services today :wink:

I’ve never actually had the balls to sleep at work…yet.

It took me 3 solid weeks to read the entire straight dope archive…It was almost like having something to do

goofing off at work?
i thought this was work…
lets see… i post to the SDMB,
check my email and reply to friends throughout the day,
surf the web, mostly The Onion and The Register to check on the BOFH, maybe some more SDMB…
go to the can every hour to waste some time,
call my machine at home, check my cell phone messages,…
call my girlfriend, call my buddy,
post to the SDMB…
take a really long lunch,
sometimes sleep in my chair for an hour or two…
usually start my day at 9am, and go home at 2:30 or 3pm.
not bad huh?
when i’m so bored i can’t even sleep or surf, i play starcraft over the net.

Surf the Web a lot, post to Straight Dope, bid
on ebay, make copies and envelopes to send $ for
ebay stuff, play Free Cell (greatest computer
game ever!). I work in an office where I collect
a lot of cash money, and spend a lot of time alone.
As long as the work gets done and I don’t steal
(or get caught), they don’t care what I do.

I figure all this gets balanced by the amount
of time I think about work when I’m not there.