How often do you drop a plop at work?

My policy is to do as much of my business as possible at my home base. I probably do a sit-down at work maybe once a quarter, if that.

Others, though - and I couldn’t help but notice - do the deed daily. It’s part of their routine.

(not interested in I-work-at-home responses) :slight_smile:

I don’t actually keep notes on this, but my major life philosophy is “when you gotta go, you gotta go” with corollaries like “when nature calls, pick up” and “never get between a man and the bathroom”. If I feel the urge to go, I don’t hold back, as it were.

Also worth noting: the reason this became my creed is because, between my diet and some medication I take, I’m prone to occasional bouts of diarrhea. When that strikes, “plural” is a conservative descriptor of my worktime bathroom usage. Even when I’m not so afflicted I guesstimate that I excrete once or maybe twice a workday - not on any set schedule though.

Same here. No schedule or plan, but if I have to go, I go. Not daily, but probably at least weekly. I guess. Like I said, I don’t keep track.

I like to consider how much I make on a per minute basis while taking a crap at work. Why do it at home when I can get paid do to it at work?

I used to drop my loads at work, but my butthole has become hairier over time, and I’m sometimes prone to Andy’s problem:
“Sometimes when I wipe… I’ll wipe, and I’ll wipe, and I’ll wipe… a hundred times, still poop. Still poop. It’s like I’m wiping a marker or something.”

I now subscribe to the Shit/Shower/Shave morning routine. Poop once a day, then immediately take a shower. A clean butthole is worth not pooping on the company dime.

Maybe every other day or so.

At my last job, I tried to make it a point not to.

The difference is the ventilation in the restrooms.

At old work, even with courtesy flushes the odor just hung. Worse, it could drift in to the well-traveled hallway. Never wanted to be the guy who dragged THAT out with him.

Current work, even though it’s a 5-holer and pretty well used, it’s never bad. I mean sometimes, you could definitely tell where you were if you were blindfolded, but I have yet to do the old “two steps in the door, turn around and walk straight back out to wait a few minutes because daaaaamn.”

I’m mostly a once in the morning man myself. I don’t think I’ve dropped a log at work this school year. It may go back to my elementary school days, when the stalls in the boys’ can didn’t have doors. If you had to pinch a loaf everybody would stare at you as if you were a monkey at the zoo.

One of the reasons I picked the classroom I did when our new campus was built was its proximity to a Faculty Men’s Room.

When ya gotta, ya gotta.

It’s been 20+ years since I’ve had to crap at work. Between the sandpaper rolls, the sophomore graffiti (literally, I work at a university) and the secretaries close to the door, I hope to never have to dump there. Mind you, a colleague makes it a point of pride to walk from his office across the campus to crap in the admin building. I presume he uses the toilets there, but either way, I applaud him.

About twice a month.

Every single workday. Usually a little after lunch. Why not? It’s a little mini break from the office, and best of all I get paid to do it.

I really never considered that people DON’T poop at work.

I try to avoid doing that at work, but sometimes it’s not possible.

The best cure for the embarrassment is something called “Just A Drop”, basically dropped into the toilet bowl before you drop something else in it. If you make a lot of noise, though…

Mine was always everyday right after my first cup of coffee. Now that I am retired I go to my workshop each morning and it works the same way. If my schedule gets thrown off like it has for the past couple of years chances are I won’t go that day.

My coworker had to go home to take a dump. He was an hourly employee, and the company allowed him to go home (on the clock) to do his business. He lived about 10 blocks from the company.

Never asked him “Why”. I guess some people need to use familiar places. I always found it interesting.

Most every day. I love to poo, and pooing in different places is fun. I like to leave a deuce behind everywhere I go.

When I was hourly, every day. Getting paid to deuce was a fringe benefit.

Working salary, if it had to be done, it had to be done.

Now that I work for myself, time is money, people! Shit on your own time!

Guess I just found another advantage to being female! :stuck_out_tongue:

I WAH, but when I didn’t, if I had to go #2, I went #2 and was never embarrassed about it. Why should I? We all do it.

While I work at home currently, I do sometimes need to work on site. During those days, and when I regularly worked outside the home, I rarely would poop at work. I’m a shy pooper, so it really would just be those times that waiting until I got home either wasn’t going to be an option or would make the day absolutely miserable. It was less of a concern when we had an office building that had a single-occupant bathroom.

I’m definitely spoiled now. Privacy and we have a bidet!

My workplace has powerful toilets that someone else is responsible for cleaning. Sounds like a win-win to me.

I am a regular guy, and an early riser, so I most often take care of business at home before going to the office. The smell of coffee usually gets things moving along. Occasionally, tho, while at the office, I will start prairie-dogging, or crowning, and will have to take care of pressing matter, perhaps once or twice a month

For those who have trouble with this, I hope everything comes out OK.