Gears of War 3 anyone?

I have very little time to play games nowadays for some reason so I’m pretty picky about which ones I commit to play through to the end. I’m definitely getting this game as the other 2 were awesome and Gears 3 is getting rave reviews.

Who else on here is getting this one?

The only thing I don’t care for is that each Locust takes like 15 shots to take down. Not a huge fan of that Halo style life meter. Otherwise they are great fun stories and amazing set pieces. Looking forward to it.

When does it get released for the PS3? :frowning:

Unless its a platform specific game, somewhere around the 20th of september, is the last I heard.


It is Xbox only…

I bought the 1st one because I read and heard all of the great reviews it was getting but it was too hard for me. I suppose it’s because the inherent mechanics of the game (take cover, pop up and squeeze off a few shots, duck, roll forward, take cover, pop up and take a couple more shots, repeat) are just counter to my shooting game playing style, which is the “run-straight-ahead-guns-blazing-until-I’m-dead-then-continue-back-from-the-last-save-point” style I honed through many years of playing DOOM.

My bad, i couldnt recall if it was multi platform or brand specific.


I’m up for it. I liked the previous two, although parts of the Gears 2 campaign were tedious as hell, which was odd because it was touted as having an intense story, but it was chock full of boring bits and pointless exposition. Definitely had epic moments though.

Yeah, that stuff doesn’t fly any more. Even in games where you can absorb some damage, that doesn’t fly.

I thought the first one was adequate. Tryed playing the second one on 3 seperate occasions. Each time giving up after about an hour. Just didn’t care for it.

This is one of the mega blockbuster releases of this years console crop and no one on SDMB is interested in it?

Well if i can snag a copy today i will pick it up, but its not really a game i am going to get excited over. Its the third title into the series and it will mostly be a rehash of the first two.

Its going to be a lot more refined, and somewhat easier to play at the lower levels for the casual gamer and better multi player.

Will it be memorable, only time will tell, but quite a lot of folks will probably pick it up to see how it
ends. Id say how good it will really be, is when battlefield comes out and folks trade in games for credit, will gears effectively flood that market.


I’m thinking about getting it, but at the moment, I’m enjoying Space Marine, being a Warhammer 40k fan from way, way back.

I never got into Gears of War, I got to what I think is the second area or so of the campaign of the first one that I got unbelievably bored and didn’t come back. I played some of the second one’s campaign with friends once, and it was better, but I still found the shooter gameplay not to my style (and I don’t mean cover based, cover based can be okay, just the way GoW did it) and the (admittedly little I saw of the) campaign story so hilariously grimdark that I can’t take it seriously even as someone who mildly enjoys the campy grimdarkness of WH40k.

Nothing wrong with it, plenty of people enjoy it, I just never managed to get into it. Probably partially because I’m more of a SP (and the occasional co-op) gamer, so I never had the incentive to get it for the multiplayer like I suspect a lot of people did.

Got mine today. Me and my boy did co-op through a couple hours of campaign, and it’s pretty fun so far. Also Beast Mode is awesome, I like being the giant centipede and shredding the humans up, my son likes being the berserker, grarrw! Haven’t dug into multiplayer yet, maybe tomorrow. So far, thumbs up!

I’m loving it! my lancer tears people up. the servers really separate the scrubs from the good players. Haven’t tried the campaign yet waiting to play it coop with someone, but the multiplayer is fun as hell. I love downing someone with my lancer, then the guy that comes to pick him up, and if I get lucky a third guy will run up and bam sawed off to all three :p.
It ain’t a shotty fest anymore. all guns are good if you are good.

That’s good news.

I played the hell out of multiplayer Gears 1, 2, and the Gears 3 beta. I’m loving how they basically fixed every glitchy aspect of the past games - multiplayer runs exceedingly well now.
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Just finished the campaign mode, tied up the story line nicely. If I had any complaints , its basically that the end seemed kinda deux a machina. Which I could have lived with, had they alluded to it in the previous game.


Yeah, for some reason, here in Doperville, there isn’t a lot of love for console-exclusive blockbusters.