Geeky: I really, really like my new Dell Inspiron Mini

In part because it’s just so cute. But also, it’s way light - and I haul a laptop to a lot of conferences. Yes, the keyboard is small, but I think Dell did better than ASUS did with the EEE PC as far as keyboard size- just slightly bigger keys work better for me (MPOW has some EEE’s that I’ve used). Yes, it’s still small, but adapting’s not going to be as hard as I was wondering about.

Aww! So cute, yes. Almost “squeeee!”-worthy.

I’m curious about that keyboard - any possibility of taking a photo of your fingers on the keys?

Daymn! I’ve been looking for an ultra-portable PC for a while and that one looks pretty nice. It’s got a decent keyboard and the hardware is supported by Ubuntu Linux…

runs off to do some hardware shopping

Oh, now that is just adorable!!!

Do you have a picture of it opened?

The Dell website seems to have plenty. Looks pretty slick and much less toy-like than the comparable stuff from ASUS or Acer.
The small SSD drive is a definite minus though.

In other news, I just found out that the machine isn’t available yet in my country. :mad: