I saw this insanely small desktop DELL PC at Staples today!

I mean this thing was amazingly small! It took me 5 minutes of googling just to look it up.

Check it out!

DELL Studio Hybrid

Cute! I want one - I like the fact that it uses up to 70% less electricity - I can’t see a price though

Scroll down the page a bit

I bought one of the Inspiron Minis in September - I love it, though I knew going in that it is just a netbook, it is not a power computer for other uses. But for travel and conferences and the like, it’s fantastic.

Looks like about the same size as the Mac mini.

They need to provide some kind of anchoring system when they get that small. The cables connected to the back must make it tip and move, while inserting a cd will push it around.

Makes me wonder how far off we are from a computer that projects its own keyboard onto any surface and projects its monitor onto a (not necessarily) perpendicular surface. It also doubles as a phone, camera, calender, and toothbrush.

They’ve at least got the virtual keyboard!


And there are also rather diminutively sized projectors, so I guess this dream is not too far away. If you can fit a bottle opener onto the thing, I’d be in the market!

MIT has one in development, IIRC.

The coolest thing would be if it projects different layouts, including more ergonomic ones.