Geither CNN interview: What was that thing in the background?

This is kind of a settle a bar bet question. During the interview, in the shots looking at Velshi (first one at :18), over his left shoulder is the item in question. I thought it might be a small writing desk with the cover thingy pulled down, other opinions varied all the way to “it’s the Masonic inner circle ritual manual on an easel” . Anyone know what it is?

While I’m here, what room in the treasury building was it shot in?

The lyre-shaped scrollwork at the top makes me think it might be something music-related, but damned if I can figure it out beyond that.

A spectacularly-misshapen vase?

I’d go with a closed writing desk. Or a raven. Those two things are very alike, after all.

Apparently I didn’t look hard enough, here’s the CNN link(there’s a 15s ad first). First shot is at :37.

It looks like a music or copy holder.

I agree with you, but could you explain how they are alike?

No, but Cecil can: