Gen. Peter Pace will recommend that US forces in Iraq be cut in half next year

Top general likely to urge troop cut

Will Bush finally get the message that the US military is nearing the breaking point? Or will he fire Pace and promote a general who will tell him what he wants to hear?

From the second page of the linked article:

Yeah, I saw that. If Pace makes this announcement, I would still say there is a good chance he would leave early.

It’ll be “interesting” to watch, certainly. Will Bush stubbornly refuse to withdraw more than is physically required (if even that) in the vain, misguided hopes that Iraq will somehow work out and salvage his catastrophic legacy? Or will he, perhaps at the pressure from the GOP, begin the process of withdrawal – or even just the appearance of a withdrawal – in order to torpedo the biggest issue of the 2008 election in order to weaken the Dems? I say appearance, because it’d be crazy to think he’d actually withdrawal all or even most of them. Just enough to sway public opinion, you understand. I’m thinking late summer of 2008 here, which allows a small enough window of time for the media to work its magic…maybe.

I’m thinking they’ll walk off the electoral cliff on this one. They’ve shown very little signs of contrition.

Also from the article:

Are these people fucking crazy? Tell you what, if Iranian troops land at Miami beach I’ll be one of the first to sign up.

Gen. Pace denies will urge troop cut in Iraq

I’m curious as to what party a U.S. voter could cast a vote for that opposes the war in Iraq.

Because the Democrats sure aren’t doing much of that.

I think we’re all going to be very, very surprised by how well the Republicans will do in November 2008.


To steal Atrios’ line, this is another in a series of Simple Answers to Simple Questions.

He’s already on his way out the door, and Adm. Mullen will be the new JCS chair. That’s probably why he was willing to speak up.

So is this just Pace believing he’s finally at liberty to tell the truth?