Gen Ys - do they really exist to stereotype?

I spent all this past spring working with a Gen Y at my Walgreens. He was a hard worker, and a good one. He always volunteered to check the bathrooms and the outdoor trash, do spot mopping, filledl up the cooler in record time.

Then he quit last week–to join the Army.


As a Y’er I definitely agree with parts of this statement.

I see no reason to pretend like I enjoy a job when the tasks are uninteresting and bland. I want to get things done as quickly as possible but like nashiitashii I found out that in the real world, this approach is not always desired by the higher ups. I do not see any other generations doing backflips over performing the mundane and pointless on a daily basis.

The bright, multitasking, spoiled part is due to the fact that the vast majority of us grew up in homes with personal computers. I am fairly certain that the computer factor is one of the distinguishing points of determining where our generation begins but I am not sure about that. The result, of the personal computers, is that we were raised with the ability to find a great deal of information very quickly. On the downside, it (generally) makes us more impatient.

That said, I deal with my lazy peers all the time in all sorts of situations. They are making the rest of us look bad and I hope you have some luck getting through her spoiled thick skull.

But I just think that the sort of spoiled, “they expect me to do THAT?” attitude that the OP mentions is more about someone who’s sheltered/naive and less an attribute of Gen Y. It’s not so much about Gen Y. That Cosby Show episode where Denise has dropped out of school and is working at some entertainment type company, answering phones/getting coffee, and she’s annoyed at having to do drudge work comes to mind. Clearly, the concept of a young, twentysomething year old with a holier than thou attitude when it comes to doing work they consider below them pre-dates Gen Y.