Gender Designation Change Request

It’ll never happen where I work, if only because we’re in healthcare, and as much as someone may identify as female, their risk of cardiovascular disease is still linked to their birth gender.

I was talking about this “X” gender thing with a friend…

We know that boys should use the boy’s room, girls should use the girl’s room, boys who have switched to girls should use the girl’s room, and girls who have switched to boys should use the boy’s room!

BUT what about someone who has switched to an “X” gender?

Use either boy’s or girl’s room?
Can’t use either and can only use “unisex restroom”?

Why do they list “gender” on your license? I just checked mine, and after chuckling about the completely incorrect height and weight listed, I did find an F down there on the bottom.

You flunked “gender”?

Remember when forms used to ask “sex” instead of “gender”, and we thought we were being funny by writing in “Yes”?