Gender Designation Change Request

Use this form to request a change to the gender designation on a driver’s license or identification card.

Completed form must be signed by applicant and licensed provider and mailed to Medical Review Services at the above address.

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I think they also have forms for when you sell your car or change your address. Lots of forms for all kinds of things.

Apparently the OP finds this remarkable, perhaps as a sign of the End of Days. However, the same concept already exists in Australia and New Zealand, and “X” as a designation for trans- and non-binary gender is a standard of the International Civil Aviation Organization. It’s recently been adopted in Ontario.

I hear the 1040 is popular.


Very. Everyone uses it.

The NY form does not allow for a third gender designation. You still have to declare male or female, regardless of how ambiguous you may actually be, or whether you think that your gender is nobody’s business.

Hopefully, in the re-civilization of society, everyone will be entitled to specify “X” or “None”, and then everyone does, and then they stop classifying people by gender, too.

Why would I want to change my gender in Virginia? I live in Texas.

Well, that will certainly fuck up “Ladies Night”.

All my Xs live in Texas.

But my Ys live in Wyoming.

Ys women, maybe, but Ys guys are all in Chicago.

slaps LHoD on the wrist

Anything about yutes?

Or Yoopers?


Hummm. Here is more on being an “X”…

“19. Where sex and/or gender information is collected and recorded in a personal record, individuals should be given the option to select M (male), F (female) or X (Indeterminate/Intersex/Unspecified).”

Above from: Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender

If you’re planning on a multi-state crime spree, this would throw the authorities off your trail.