Gender Distribution in Dopers Siblings

Over in Comments on Cecil’s columns, there’s a question about predicting the genders of siblings:

I’m wondering if, statistically, most families are 50-50 male-female, or if in a particular family, there may be a preference for one gender over the other, which would even out in the general population.

For example, my wife came from a family of 6: 1 boy, 5 girls. I have 1 brother, 0 sisters.

any one else care to contribute to a totally unscientific survey?

We seem to have mostly girls in our family. My great grandma had two daughters, my grandma had two daughters, my mom had two daughters, and now I have two daughters. Of course, since the man determines the child’s sex, it’s unrealistic to think it would run in the family, but I find it interesting.

“Survey Says…”

My dad came from a family of 1 boy and 1 girl (his mom was full-blooded Cherokee, and his dad was half Iriquois and half Welsh); and my mom came from a family of 8 girls and 3 boys (her mom was English-Irish and her dad was Irish).

My mom and dad had 3 girls and 2 boys.

My oldest sister had 1 boy; my second-oldest sister had 3 boys (her oldest boy has 2 girls); I have 4 girls and 1 boy; my brother has 1 and 1; my younger sister has 1 and 1.

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If start from my grandparents…

My mom’s family:
3 sons, 2 daughters, 8 granddaughters, 2 grandsons, 5 great-grandsons.
11 males, 11 females

My dad’s family:
2 sons, 4 granddaughters, 2 grandsons, 6 great-grandsons, 4 great-granddaughters
11 males, 9 females

My mom has reasearched our family history going back quite a ways, but I don’t have access to it at the moment. My mom is the oldest of 6. The next is a sister, then 4 brothers (one set of identical twin boys in there). As for my father, I don’t know. He’s an adoptee, and hasn’t been able to locate his birthfamily.

One thing about my mom’s side that’s interesting, though. Going back for about 150 years, the firstborn of the firstborn has always been female. I myself am not the firstborn in my immediate family. My older sister was the first. And my sister had her first baby a year ago…a girl. Doesn’t look like that pattern is going to stop anytime soon :slight_smile:

Weird… that’s how is with me, too (mom’s side and everything.) I killed the tradition, though. I gave birth to my beautiful boy.

I’m one of two kids. I have a younger brother.

I’m not sure this is necessarily so. Yes, gender is determined by the X or y chromosome in the sperm, but my question is whether a particular couple or individual may have a predisposition to favour one type of sperm over the other, so that in that particular family, the ratio of the genders may not match the general popluation. in other words, is the history of jane-says’s family just a mathematical fluke, or is there a genetic predisposition that favours X sperm over Y sperm?

In my family, i only have brothers. No sisters at all. Both of my parents are only children, and it seems that at least on my moms side there are mainly boys in her family (my grandma only had brothers). I cant speak for my fathers side since i dont know too much about that side.

2 boys, 1 girl.

In my family, there was one boy and one girl (me, and my sister). Interestingly, the same held true for each of my mother’s three siblings; they all had one boy and one girl also. My family was the only instance where the girl was the older child.

My father has two half-sisters, both of whom had three boys.

My sister now has children: 2 boys, 1 girl.

1 younger brother, nothing else.

My mother is the youngest of 7 (4 girls, 3 boys), and my dad is the middle child (older sister, younger brother). I can’t remember everyone in the family, even when half of us live on the same street, so I might get back to you on that.

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I have three sibs, one of each.

Let’s see.

My father has two brothers. His mother (my grandmother) was one of nine girls and 5 boys. I am not sure about his father, but I believe that he is an only child.

My mother has two brothers as well. Not sure about the grandparents on that side though.

I have, completely from my mother, 4 sisters, a sister who was given up for adoption before any of us were born (none of us know her), and a half brother. I also have two step brothers, obviously not birthed from my mother.

My eldest sister has a girl and a boy. My younger sister has a boy.

Hmm, is that enough. No we aren’t Catholic

My maternal grandparents had 3 children - boy, girl, girl.

My parents had 3 children - boy, girl, girl.

I have 3 children - boy, girl, girl.

We have no imagination…

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Male, female, and …??? (Or were you making a joke? Sorry if I ruined it.)

I have 1 younger sister. My dad is a middle child w/ 2 brothers. My mom is the youngest w/ a brother and sister.

My father: 1 sister.
My mother: 4 sisters, 3 brothers.
Me: 2 brothers, one sister.

My father has two brothers and two sisters.
My mother has one brother and one sister.
I have one brother and two sisters.
My wife has two brothers and one sister.
We have two sons and one daughter.
My sister (and bro-in-law) have three daughters.

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Get ready for confusion:
My mom & dad had 2 boys & 1 girl (BGB)(me included)
My mom & her ex-husband had 1 girl
My dad & his ex-wife had 1 girl & 1 boy
My mom’s ex and my dad’s ex had 1 girl.

So, all three of my half-siblings are half-siblings to that last girl (by two different definitions), but she is no real relation to me. (I call her my quarter-sister.)

Now, of my siblings’ kids:
brother: GBGGBG
sister: BBG
sis/2 via Mom: BGG
sis/2 via Dad: GB
bro/2 via Dad: G
sis/4: BB
me: 1 on the way, don’t know yet.