Gene Hackman is my new hero!!!

Heard on the radio this morning that he got into a fender bender yesterday and the other guy got in his face and tried to pick a fight. He succeeded. Called Gene a bad name, he did. Gene hauled off and pummeled the guy. The guy’s friend got out of the passenger side and kicked Gene right in the gillies! :eek: Instead of going down, Gene nailed the guy in the jaw and knocked him down! :eek::eek: Gene then proceeded to open up a can of whoop-ass and poured it all over him. When police showed up they had to pull Gene off the guys.

BTW, Gene is 71 years old!

I’ll look for a link to a news story.

Here’s one.

Go, Gene!

I’ve been saying it for years. Every movie could be made incrementaly better if at some point Gene Hackman burst into the room (or orchard or confessional, etc.) and just proceeded to kick the shit out of some poor, unsuspecting jack-ass. Man, I love watching Gene Hackman savagely beat another person. I’m dead serious. More than any kung-fu movie or some intricately choreograhped fight scene, more than anything I love watching Gene Hackman lay the hurt on some poor bastard. Brutal, baby, brutal.

He is lucky that the other guy didn’t file charges against him. The charges may have not stuck because the other guy apparently pushed him first, but it is still going to cost Gene Hackman maybe thousands to settle the lawsuit that you just know is going to pop up as a result of this. I’m not saying that he should have put up with the guy’s crap, but he has to realize now that he is a celebrity and the common man just loves filing lawsuits against celebrities in the hopes of getting a lot of money out of them.

Note to self: don’t fuck with Gene Hackman…

Genuine hackman.
That’s beautiful.

The only thing that could have made this story better is if his old roommate, Robert Duval, had also been there to kick the passenger’s testes into tomorrow. What a couple of righteous guys.

Wow! It’s sort of surprising, since in real life Gene Hackman really is a very non-violent person and deplores violence. He has, in the past, had to struggle with some of the violent roles he has played. But he does play them well, dammit.

I am a firm believer in the Gene Hackman Rule: No movie with Gene Hackman in it is entirely without merit.

apparently he had a final retort along the lines of “You’re lucky I’m not Jack Nicholson or I would have shoved a golf club up your ass.” (according to what I heard on the radio.)

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Great actor, too. He has a movie coming out - think he’s the captain of a aircraft carrier, and one of his planes is shot down when they see something they weren’t supposed to (mass graves). 2 guys eject. Think Owen Wilson was the pilot. They have to try to get Wilson back. Trailer looked good. (I was seeing From Hell).
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Can’t you see Nicholson doing that while saying

“Here’s Johnny”.

Go Gene! Looks like Robyn Hitchcock is going to need to write a new verse of his song, Gene Hackman

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What did you think of From Hell? I liked some of the Tim Burton-ish aspects, but the plot? The group behind the murders, and their reasons? VERY random, I thought! Not that I was expecting a History channel version,
but geez-I kept thinking “WHERE did THIS come from?”
What did you think?
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It wasn’t bad. I’m not really into the Ripper history, but I have heard a few of those names tossed about IRL, especially the Prince. He appears in most, if not all, hypotheses I’ve heard. **TruePisces ** really would know more about accuracy; she’s the one who wanted to see it. I will say this, it is NOT for the squeamish. It can be very graphic and bloody, and they supposedly took a lot out. Beware a director’s cut.

I would point out that people really should read KneadToKnow’s link; that version of the story isn’t quite as dramatic as the OP.

My dad was mugged when he was 71 (two years ago). He didn’t pound his assailant, but he managed to avoid being overpowered. The mugger got my dad’s notepad, not his wallet. 71 doesn’t mean what it used to.

Best old guy getting mugged story I know?

Several years ago in NYC, two teenagers grabbed a 70-ish guy getting into a limo outside a restaurant on Broadway and tried to mug him. The old guy turned around and threw a left hook at one, knocking him cold. The other guy ran. When the cops came, they revived the mugger. The mugger was shocked the old guy laid him out. The cop asked
“Do you know who you tried to mug?”
“This is his place.”
Big neon sign behind cop, “Jack Dempsey’s”.

They tried to mug the ex-heavyweight champ getting in the car outside his restaurant.

I’m thinking of that line in Unforgiven where Hackman is saying to Richard Harris as he kicks the shit out of him. “now you might think I’m kicking your ass but…”

Anyone know hoow the rest of that line went. God it was good.

[hijack]My mom was in her late fifties when a man grabbed her from behind just as she was getting in her car and said" I’ll take your car and your purse" Her reply “Like hell you will” She proceeded to break his nose with the back of her head, stomp on his feet until he let go and kick him until he let go of her purse. He finally said “OK ladie I’ll let you go” She replied “you’re too dumb to realize that I’m letting you go and besides I’m no lady” With that she kicked him in the groin and drove off. [/hijack]

According to IMDb, it’s:

Very true. If I find out that Jack Diamond (not his birth name :rolleyes: duh) embellished this story, I may have to change my hero to an elderly Jack Dempsey! (based on lurker’s post)

About 10 years ago, some idiot decided he was unhappy with the political policies of the junior senator from Ohio. The guy saw the senator on the street (surrounded by about three secret service men, BTW) so he ran up, hauled off, and punched him in the head.

Bad move.

Senator John Glenn, 68 years old and having just been walloped in the head, grabs this guy by the collar and just holds him there, whimpering, for several seconds while the secret service officers figured out what the hell was going on.

Moral of this story: Don’t fuck with a Marine, even an old one.