Gene Kelly - isn't he amazing?

They don’t make 'em like Gene anymore. I’m not so good at the superlatives. I just wanted to ceated a Gene Kelly appreciation thread.

My favourite moments of his are both from <i>Singin’ In The Rain</i> - his dancing with Donald O’Connor in “Fit As A Fiddle” and “Moses Supposes”.

Isn’t he just… great?

Yes! They broke the mold when they made GK. I love him in the numbers you mention, Francesca, and I also love all his numbers in An American in Paris, especially the I Got Rhythm one.

He was not a bad actor at all, either. I liked him as the reporter in Inherit The Wind, a dramatic role sans singing or dancing.

Love the way he fit into his tight pants, too.

My liking for Gene Kelly is actually fairly recent, and due in large part to the perspicacious ArchiveGuy, who’s been very active in the musicals group. Our discussion of Daddy Long Legs, an Astaire flick, finally showed me the light.

My favorite number of his, I think, is the bit with the newspaper in Summer Stock – very simple, very creative, very elegant.

I just caught some sort of documentary retrospective of his career a few weeks ago. I never realized how innovative he was, nor how multi-talented. I mean I knew he could dance, act, and sing but I didn’t know the extent of his choreographic and directorial/cinematographic abilities.

He’s MY secret boyfriend. MINE.

Hell, he was so good, even appearing in Xanadu couldn’t diminish his style and grace.

When I think of “old school” cool, he and Fred Astaire come immediately to mind.

But Kelly was in a different league than Fred Astaire, far beyond him when it came to “cool.”

Let’s not get carried away here. :rolleyes:

twicks, high priestess of the Church of Fred Is God

What I like about Gene was he didn’t swish. While Fred wasn’t feminie, all the ballroom moves just didn’t look like anything I’d want to bother practicing. Gene still looks like a man, while dancing very well.

Astaire was elegant and subdued; Kelly bravura. Astaire made it look easy; Kelly sold the number.

Which you think is better depends solely on your personal preference. They are among the pantheon of greats of dance in movies (up with Busby Berkeley and Bob Fosse). No one else is at the leve of those four.

No way, sister! I saw him first!

I watched Cover Girl the other day and had sweet dreams all night. What an incredible and luscious man. I’m a Fred fan, but Gene could dance the pants off anyone. Pair him with Cyd Charisse and you had magic.

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks Leslie Caron looked a little awkward when she danced? Just saying…