Genealogists: logical way of numbering group sheets?

I’ve got a pedigree chart for my mother’s family, and another one for my father’s ancestors. Now how can I number my various group sheets in a logical way—perhaps one that indicates what “generation” they represent?

I just ran a report from the Roots Magic program and it gave it to me like this:
“Chart no. 2
No 1 on this chart is the same as no. 16 on chart no. 1”

So if you started from your father, go up his male line to the last male for that page he would be number 1 on the second chart. His wife would be the third chart, and so on down the last column. If you don’t have someone in the last column the next number would be at the next person down.

It can be confusing if you have a ton of charts. Mine had 29 charts, but I don’t normally deal with pedigree charts much. Just so long as you label them all it shouldn’t be too hard to go back and forth between them.