Relationship charting software

After several failed searches, I turn to you - the viewers at home - for help.

I am working on a chart of all the local bands past and present for my area (Okinawa, Japan). Some of you have probably seen something similar in a progressive rock band’s album. It’s the Kevin Bacon/7 Degress of Seperation thing. I would like to get a hold of some software that will automate the whole process (my hand-drawn chart is getting big and lots of ugly long lines.)

Please forgive me for using the SDMB as a search engine, but despite my near deity-like computer skills, I have came up short.

Of course, after I post this I will stumble across the exact thing I am looking for and feel like an ass for wasting my first OP on something so mundane.


I suspect you could utilize family history software for that purpose, although you’d have to think beforehand how you’d want to conceptualize the types of relationships you’re talking about as analogous to what type(s) of family relationship(s).

You could also set something up in about an hour and a half with FileMaker Pro.

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I’ve used a lot of genealogy programs, and it would certainly work, though perhaps awkwardly.

You might try Visio, a charting program. Its easy enough for even me to use.