Genealogy Groups

Hi Everyone!

I’ve always loved researching my family tree (I’m in contact with one of my Fourth Cousins!), and I’ve always kind of wondered if anyone here knows of any genealogy organisations that might be part of the “peace movement(s)”?

I imagine the term “peace movement(s)” might seem kind of vague, but I’m not sure of what term to use.

I guess we’re all ultimately related to one another (I LOVE big families—especially Extended Families), and I was thinking that a peace organisation that stressed genealogy might be a good idea, an idea that would help show people that despite differences in culture, outward physical appearance, etc., we all at least have something in common, (i.e. being members of one large family.)

I apologise if this sounds political, but I didn’t know how else to frame the question!

Your Distant Cousin,