Generalizations: Never accurate... Always funny! How come nobody gets it?

What is wrong with this entire message board?

Everywhere I look, everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs, taking everyone to task over every generalization that everyone uses in every post.

Ask every comedian, and they will all tell you that all generalizations are always essential to all comedy. And comedy never has to be factually accurate. Comedy is always designed to get everyone laughing, never worrying about the things everyone here are worrying about.

Why, everyone, why?

Everyone should stop always acting so uptight all the time and always correcting everyone who are always making generalizations since they all are used to make people laugh, not to make everyone look bad.

I mean, everyone knows that!

So everyone get off everyone’s backs already…

Because no one should ever make generalizations. Generalizations are always wrong.

All the history I’ve learned came from Eddie Izzard.

(Can I time this thread to see how long it takes before the first person to not bother reading the whole OP or subsequent posts starts flaming? I would place my bet on 5 posts in - everyone knows that reading 5 whole posts is just waaay too much work.)

Satan, you bastard of a bastard! How DARE you insinuate that it’s okay to generalize?!? How can you go and tell people that stereotypes are okay?!? You fucking piece of fucking shitting fuckity-fuck-fuck shit! You go to hell! I hope you buy a McDonald’s hamburger and choke on a piece of horse hoof!

(Just fulfilling 'Lou’s prophecy…)

I just wanted this to be the 6th post because no will read it.

The men are too busy whining about being sick and the women are too busy swapping 89-hour-labor stories.

And all those lazy people just don’t post much.
All the Workaholics are just too busy.
All the poor people can’t afford to post.
All the rich people are too snobby to post.
All the dumb people can’t figure out how to post.
All the smart people have much more important things to post about.

Hey Brian,

Man, I can’t agree more on your post. I get bbq on a regular basis for the use of generalizations. But you know what, it doesn’t bother me any more. Maybe these board desensitizing(sp) me or something.

Oh I read this today and I think you will enjoy it.

“Recently a poll of people in New York City showed that 80 percent of them wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world. Besides, it was reported, it would violate the terms of their parole.” :smiley:

All people named Satan enjoy anal penetration.

Cite please?

Do you have certain, specific generalizations in mind, or do you just mean in general?

Which just leaves us five-legged, seven-toed sloths on this forum.

Well, I, for one, appreciate this bold stance. I’m sure everyone else does, too. Whoever doesn’t “get it” must be a dumbass. They should be banned right away. You can tell immediately that these people are just a waste of bandwidth. All of them. You can always tell…

I love when sociological issues come up and everybody’s clamoring for cites and statistics to prove a generalization. Sorry, but you can’t prove the vast majority of phenomena that occur in the world, even some of the most obvious ones. And even those have glaring exceptions.

I can add something to Satan’s statement. Generalizations: never accurate…usually more interesting! If I have to limit my opinions to things I can prove in the lab, you can bet my posts are going to be dull as all hell.

All we usually have is experience. Sometimes I think that there are categories that would be much more useful to display than post count: age and location.


Not true. Without generalizations, one would have to analyze every individual on the face of the Earth, acknowledging each person as different. Life would be very slow without generalizations because of this fact. Everyone would have to stop what they’re doing and put everyone into their own little category, before making reference to them.

Not all generalizations are bad. For example; A math teacher automatically assumes that every pupil in his/her classroom has brought with them their math textbook. Since its a requirement for the class, the teacher has the right to generalize that all of his/her students have their books with them. If the teacher asked every individual in that classroom if they had their book, it would take quite a while.


In general, I’ve not noticed this problem with anything or anyone…'ceptin Koreans, Afghanis, and New Yorkers, of course.

Amen, back atcha, Satan.

Wait… didn’t we work out that all Koreans are horrible people who pee in the street? Damn! I’m confused…

Satan, man, you are always getting on my ass about generalizing! And if you were my type, I wouldn’t mind so much, but you’re not so…