Genius (me) offers board search hint.

If you badly need to search for a thread where the keyword is under 3 letters (for exmple tmi, pms or whatever) use the wildcard in front of it, and it works as a 4th character.

Use only in extreme need, god knows the hamsters need their rest. :slight_smile:

Hey Genius,

Did you actually try this little trick before posting this? Just wondering because, like, it doesn’t work. :wink:


What do you mean by wildcard?

Hmm. i used to try that but it didn’t do the trick on various boards but I might give it another try. You might post this in the about this message board forum cause lots of people need search hints.

A wildcard is a “*” attached to the end of a series of characters.

For example, do a seach with “but*” without the quotes. The search engine will return every post (or thread) with a word that starts with “but” (butt, butane) but not, as Iteki claims, ones with less than four letters.


It definitely does not work. I tried it a couple weeks ago when the idea ocurred to me, as well. The wildcard (*) must match one or more non-whitespace characters, so searching for “*bet” will return “Tibet” or “alphabet” but not “bet” or " bet".

By wildcard I believe he’s referring to the Takis-A virus.

Sorry, could you explain a little more?

My god! Ninety nine out of a hundred posters are going to die!

… hey, wonder what would happen if Clogboy became an Ace?

Doh, looking more closely, Haj is right :frowning: What it was returning was for example, TMI) and TMI: in thread titles…

Shoulda known I wasn’t a genuis. While it does have a limited functionality it is not the silver bullet I thought. Sorry all.

I won’t explain but [color=“blue”]Google can explain.[/color]

I’ve done it before for “WTC” and it’s worked. Don’t recall if I put the wildcard before or after, or both.

Um, okay. Still not really any the wiser, but understand it was a play on words of some kind.

Crusoe: Wildcards was a series of books concerning super-hero type folks.

All of the super-powers these folks developed were a result of an alien bio-chemical weapon, the “Takis-A Virus.”

It was indeed a play on words by raisinbread, but I think I missed the joke, as well.

[sub]Or else it just wasn’t all that funny.[/sub]

Thanks, Skeezix. I think I may have read one of those, a long time ago.