One of my threads are GONE!

I was just going over some of my older threads, and went to reminisce about one called “pet fox”.

Its gone.:frowning:

I’ve searched my screenname and searched fox as a wildcard.

Any Mods or Admins know what caused the server to lose memory?

Yeah. The same root cause as most all our other problems.

Actually, the thread is probably still on the server somewhere; the server is just so incredibly overtaxed that it does not perform searches well – and sometimes not at all – as well as screwing up day to day operations as well.

This is especially problematical where searches are concerned. Jerry the Tech God says that the search database is slowly becoming corrupted and will need a major reindexing at some point in the future. His estimate of the time it would take to rebuild the search index: 2 weeks. This is 2 weeks Jerry does not have to give at this time, besides the fact that we got people that would maybe have to be hospitalized and on a morphine drip if they had no board service for 14 days. Or more.

We’re trying to get the best and most performance out of what we got as things stand right now. It ain’t easy and it will probably get worse before it gets better.

All I can tell you to do is to hang on, hold on, and be patient. Don’t overly tax the system if you can help it; use search judiciously. Please try to work with us with what we have.

your humble TubaDiva

Isn’t this just a symptom of the non-indexing of three-letter words, or do the wildcards in the search parameter cause the board software to ignore the indexes and search by brute force?

Enola Straight -
Since you say it’s one of your older threads, might it have been during “Our Winter of Missed Content”?
All posts from 12-07-01…3-10-02 were lost in a major recovery.

Also remember that three-letter words are not searchable – and the hamsters will sometimes but not always tell you that. I note that the search string is “pet fox” – two three-letter words. Coming up with another uncommon word you recall being used in that thread may locate it.

I remember seeing somewhere that three-letter-word wildcard searches only actually return a result if the word was originally up against some punctuation. A strange vBulletin quirk.

You can also help save the hampsters by searching A search there on “pet fox straightdope” gets 4 hits (although nothing that seems to be Enola Straight’s thread

Totally unrelated to this thread, but isn’t the grammar in the topic wrong?

It just doesn’t sound right to me.

You’re right! By gum, it should be “All our thread are belong to the hamsters”!

I noted the same thing Thunder did… it should be “One of my threads is gone.” Oh well, perchance it makes for a more memorable thread title?! :confused: