Gentlemen who use shaving soap: Is there any alternative to a brush?

For some time now I’ve been using a non-disposable safety razor into which you put double-sided blades. Recently I noticed I was cutting myself a lot, even when I had just replaced the blade, but not, as it turned out, due to any deterioration of the blades in storage (I have about a two-year supply at one blade a month).

As it turns out, the problem was my shaving brush. Bristles were coming loose while I was soaping my face, and coming to rest on my cheeks or chin. It’s not hard to understand what happens when a razor encounters such an obstruction lying diagonally across its path. One end goes ever so slightly higher, the other end goes ever so slightly lower, and a cut results at the corner.

For now I’ve gone to drugstore shaving lotion, but if there’s a solution to the brush problem I’d rather use the soap. Is there something else I could use? Maybe a loofah?

I just spread the shaving cream on with my hand.

Get a better brush? I find that the bristles do a better job of lifting my wiskers than my hand alone. I may have one or two come loose a year. Is an upgrade in order?

I’d second getting a new brush, but I suppose a loofah or a washcloth could work if you’re adamant about not using a brush.

I use a shaving brush and ditto what lieu said. I get maybe a handful of bristles that come out a year. And a good shaving brush’s bristles should be so stiff, that I don’t think they would be able to easily ‘blend in’ to the shaving soap on your face.

You use one blade a month???

Have double-edge blades gotten so much better since I quit using them?

Sure! But I do have a goatee and mustache, so there’s less shaving that needs to be done. Even so I think the construction of the razor is a factor, as well as its heft in my hand. I have one from Merkur very similar to this. I would never attempt to go fifteen days with single-edged plastic disposable, like a Bic for example. I use the Merkur blades with it, and they work very well.

I probably have smoother skin than average, too.