Men and Women: Let's talk shaving.

My shaving habits have evolved throughout my life. For many years it was this:

Can of Barbisol, hot wet washcloth, over sink, prior to showering.

In the last few years I’ve transitioned into just doing it in the shower with the bar of soap I’m using. I find no downside to this practice. It saves me the time at the sink beforehand and saves the mess I used to make around the sink. I did find a suction-cup mounted shaving mirror. I know they make fancy-pants ones that are self-heated so as to not fog up. Meh. I use a tiny bit of soap and rub it over the mirror and it keeps the fog at bay. This works everywhere except in Alameda, where it’s very difficult to keep the fog at Bay. :smiley:

Puts a mind to wondering. What do you use to shave? And why?

Can of Barbisol and some mid-range disposable razor. I own a safety razor with the switchable blades and all that, but…

I really only shave once a week. My wife says she likes me better with some scruff so I go into work clean in the morning on Monday and am fashionably scruffy by Friday for the weekend. By Sunday I’m looking pretty hobo-ish so I’ll shave on Sunday night so I’m not fighting with it Monday morning when I’m running late. I pretty much ruin a disposable doing so but an eight pack still lasts me two months.

I suppose if I grew facial hair faster it wouldn’t work so well but I’m happy with the set-up I’ve got.

I use a dry electric razor, so none of these options work for me. I’ll use a disposable and shaving cream in a can when I travel if I forget my razor.

Dry electric razor.

Not an option is shaving product in a container other than a can. When I was shaving my head I got hooked on HeadSlick shave cream. Although I stopped shaving my head, I still buy HeadSlick for the parts of my face that I detail.

Gillette Good News two-blade razor. After I shower I run a little hot water in the sink and shave using just the razor and hot water. So, I can’t fill out your poll because there’s no option for no soap at all.

Damn !! I don’t know if I can alter the poll, but both of your posts point out deficits- things I DID NOT think about !!

I just use bar soap or body wash or shampoo. I don’t notice any difference between them. I never used shaving cream except perhaps when I first started to learn how to shave. For my face, there’s no need for it. As long as I get my skin nicely steamed up/hot, I don’t really need much in the way of lubrication/cream. If it’s not sufficiently steamed up, though, no amount of cream could make it not somewhat painful.

Didn’t vote. Gillette Trac 3 and hot water. Rinse the blade with hot water and hack away. No messy soap clean up. I can shave between meetings and only need a few paper towels or a handkerchief.

Pre-shave with dry electric razor (never seems to get everything), then wet shave with cream and cheap razor in the shower (easy clean-up) about 2x/week.

I keep the shaving soap cup and brush in the shower. I’ve got one of those suction cup mirror dealies too.

There’s a new barber in town who knows what he’s doing, so I use him. If I have to shave myself I’ll use the canned stuff, although I have used plain old soap at least once.

If the poll were edited, preshaves are another thing out there. I get a really close shave by exfoliating with a salicylic acid scrub prior to shaving. (When I was shaving my head, a smooth as silk dome was my goal)

Been shaving my head with whatever soap was available for 10 years.

Electric 99%. I do use a tube of special shaving stuff on a rare basis.

Like a real man I do not shave because if Mother Nature wanted me baby smooth she would not have blessed me with my glorious beard.

Aveno shaving gel in a can and a disposable razor. I use a little 2-blade razor just for the part of my lip between my mustache and my nose (I can’t let my mustache grow all the way up to my nose because the hairs curl in and tickle me). For the rest of my face I use a 5-blade disposable from Harry’s. I just started on those, and I’m still getting used to them. So far I like them pretty well - the shave head is very flexible which might not work for everyone.

I have a very light and easy beard and I only shave three times a week.

Kayaker, I’m curious why salicylic acid? That’s usually a treatment for acne, is it not a little hard on your skin?

I feel like a hipster posting this but…

I switched to the double safety razors, brush and Proraso shave soap a couple years back. It took me a while to really master the technique, but at this point I can shave in about 5 minutes at the sink and get it about 95% as close as my 5 blade Gillette Fusion razor. Particularly if I let it grow at least 2 days before shaving.

It’s true that it doesn’t shave as closely as my Fusion and setting up at the sink after a shower is slower but I got a 100 pack of Astra razor blades 18 month ago for under $20 if I recall that will last me 6-7 years min as I only have to change the blade every 7-9 days. I shave probably 5 days a week and my Proraso soap has lasted me 6 months and is probably only halfway gone.

So it ends up being ALOT cheaper than using a Fusion every day. I do keep the Fusion on standby in case I need to bang out a quick shave at the gym or something, though I’m not in the military any more and am not required to shave every day if I don’t want to.

ETA: Forgot to add that a downside of these types of razors is that if you cut yourself you REALLY cut yourself. No knicks. I’ve stupidly given myself over a half inch slice on my chin by not paying attention.

I usually keep a beard, but I shave my neck both because it keeps the itching at bay and looks neater. I shave my neck at least once a week, with a mach 3 I keep in the shower and whatever bar soap is in there with it.

Occasionally I have to shave my beard for work, and after trimming it down with a little mustache trimmer, I spend some time heating my beard, stropping my straight razor and brushing on some fancy shaving cream (usually an actual cream that comes in a tub) with a beaver brush, and doing it right. I only do this a few times a year though.

I only shave weekly, as shaving is really dull.

I use King Of Shaves shaving oil and a fresh Gillette 3 blade razor. It’s smooth, and most importantly, no rash.