Men, let's talk shaving again

I’ve become addicted to Art of Shaving, but it’s awfully expensive, but I’ve found that all the other “quality” men’s shaving products are just about similarly priced. These are what I’ve looked at so far:

-Art of Shaving
-American Crew (hard to find the shaving stuff–sold only through authorized grooming shops)
-Kiehl’ s
-Jack Black
-Lee’s Razors

The Body Shop now seems to have some men’s products, but I’m not crazy about the scents.

In fact, I absolutely love the black pepper oil scent of Art of Shaving’s “unscented” pre-shave oil.

This is the shaving routine I’ve settled on:

  1. Pre-shave oil
  2. Shaving soap applied with badger hair brush
  3. Shave with double-edge safety razor (I’ve got two hefty ones I quite like)
  4. Alcohol-free after shave moisturizer

What ideas/recommendations/favorites do you have? Any thoughts on balancing price and quality?

One specific thing I’m looking for is a nice shaving mug with handle that has spaces to hold a soap cake and safety razor and a place to drain the brush. Preferably something with a clean, Anyoneckassic (rather than cutesy) design. Anyone seen anything like this?

I’m exactly the opposite of you.
I grew a full (but trimmed) beard and just catch my neck with the trimmer once or twice a week. Looks good, I get compliments. My skin hasn’t been touched my a razor in close to a year. But when I did, I used Neutrogena (for men) Shave Cream and a Mach 3 razor.

Glad to see Body Shop is bringing back men’s shave products. I was rather unhappy when they dropped the shaving soap cakes about ten years ago. Its smell was just “soap” without undue fragrance, and it didn’t make me break out in a rash.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Don’t shave
    . #1 shave all-around.

Once or twice a week I scrape my face with a Gillette Mach 3 and whatever dollar store or store brand cream I have. The other once or twice I use a Braun series 1 electric shaver.

I shave every second work day and sometimes on the weekend. I’m not picky.

I like the Jack Black Beard Lube. But not enough to be completely loyal to it.

Caswell & Massey sells some good stuff. The Almond Shave Cream applied with the badger brush is pretty nice. Really, I think the brush is the one must have shave accessory, but I prefer hanging mine on one of these in the shower.

I got one of those from Art of Shaving for $6. But just in the soap tray adjacent to the sink/washbasin.

I like Taylor of Bond Street shave soap.

Meh. I don’t like twin blade razors. They get too clogged with gunk too quickly… Schick used to have one where you pushed a tiny button and it pushed the goop out. But I haven’t seen them for a while. The must of found out I liked them.

3 and 4 blade razors don’t get gunked up that bad as the crud gets distributed between more blades. I had gotten some 4 blade Old Spice brand razors at Big Lots. Came with the handle and 4 cartridges for $2!!! I bought all 20 packs they had. It was a great razor. Haven’t seen them for years and now the ones I bought are gone. I now use a single blade razor. Bic Sensitive. They work just fine and are ultra cheap. I use each razor twice, then toss it. I’m happy with them.

I use mineral oil as a lube. Sometimes I’ll splurge and buy some Shave Secret. It’s pretty nice.
King of Shaves has something that’s similar.

Simple daily routine: Shower. When done washing, lather up entire head. Shave with a Gillette Fusion razor, leaving only a Van Dyke. Rinse and apply various lotions.

The shave gel is whatever is on sale.

After I’m done putting shampoo in my hair, I put some on my face, and shave with my Gillette Mach 3. Then I rinse my face, and my hair.

That does quite nicely for me.

Just to be clear, my OP did not mention twin-blade cartridge razors. I use safety razors that take double-edge blades, like these.

Barbasol, Shick quatro powered something or other cartridge type razor, full facial shave. Also shave body and other parts from time to time.

I shave in the shower, using a Gilette Fusion, by touch. I’ve found that steam and a bar of Dove is just as effective as any shaving cream or gel.

I have [had] a few of those. What I didn’t like is the head isn’t canted like other razors, it’s level. Gotta remember to tilt it slightly when shaving or you could pull straight down and gash your cheek.

I’m a fan of West Coast Shaving for most of my shaving needs (DE razor blades, mostly).

I like using the brush and soap/cream, but rarely have the time or inclination before work. So I tend to use slightly higher-end stuff than canned gel or foam, such as Pacific Shaving’s cream, or Real Shaving Co.'s cream, or King of Shaves, along with my trusty Merkur 33C loaded with some variety of Russian-made Gillette blades (Blue somethings or the yellow 7 O’clocks).

When I do break out the brush, I tend toward Proraso Sandalwood, Santa Maria Novella, or oddly enough, some old Palmolive shave cream I bought on clearance at Walgreens.

I did get something surprisingly effective recently- a combination shower mirror/shaving stick by “Dave’s Shower Shave”. Works really well with a disposable razor in the shower, which isn’t what I was expecting when I bought it.

Likewise, except I rub my face with baby oil first.

I shave every couple of days, and trim my mustache every week or so. I also shave against the grain (horrors) because otherwise I can’t get a smooth shave. Then rubbing alcohol and skin lotion for an aftershave.


I scrub my face under the shower then use shaving cream and also a safety razor that takes double-edge blades. Finish it up with a moisturiser. (My skin feels very dry after shaving)

I’m thinking about purchasing a cut throat razor, but I’m afraid I’ll kill myself.

My wife has prohibited straight razors from the house.

This thread made me realize my current brush is 30 years old and still works just fine. It replaced a cheap drug store brush that I used for 15 years before it started losing bristles. If you’re going to live with it for a long time, might as well have a good one … but you only need one.

I used an old Gillette razor for a long long time. Got a Merkur a few years ago as a gift. Can’t say I can tell the difference in the way they shave. Got a couple hundred Merkur blades along with it, so I’m still set for blades for a while.

I used the cheap Colgate or Williams shaving soap until the local grocery stores stopped carrying it a few years ago. Tried several different things and settled on Kiss My Face Moisture Shave as my general go to, and I also usually have some Tabac shaving soap on hand. The Kiss My Face is very inexpensive, the Tabac seems pricy for a cake of soap but it lathers very well, lasts a long time, and I really like the smell.

I don’t use any kind preshave and only occasionally splash on some witch hazel after shaving. Goopy creamy moisturizing type things don’t feel good to me and some of them make my face break out.

Years ago I had a very nifty old shaving mug that had belonged to my great grandfather. It got broken in the 1980s and I replaced it with a coffee mug from the kitchen that has some red stripes that vaguely resemble a barber pole.