Gents: What kind of aftershave do you use?

I use Old Spice. (Smell like grandpa!) :slight_smile:

I like the smell, and it’s subtle. My wife likes it, too, and it complements the whole “50’s Dad” thing I’ve got going on. I just picked up a bottle of Bay Rum after shave today at lunch time. I’ll try it this weekend - I hope I like it, since it cost $18. In the past, I tried (but did not like) Aqua Velva. I was at the drug store a couple days ago and took a sniff of Brut and instantly recalled that I occasionally used it when I was a teenager. Funny. There’s not much out there in the way of men’s grooming shops, so there isn’t much competing for my attention.

Anyways. How about you? What else is out there? I don’t use cologne, so my potential for new aftershave is boundless.

I suggest “Clubman” by Pinaud, both original and special reserve. Both barbershop soapy and old fashioned masculine clean smelling when used subtly. The special reserve dries up into a nice leathery note that reminds me of cold mornings in the pickup with grand dad, faint smell of coffee, aftershave and gasoline. Big band on a quiet AM radio station.

Funny how smells do things like that.

I don’t use after shave at all but I do use Shave Secret shaving oil. No irritation at all and it has a pleasant spicy scent.

None, my wife is allergic to pretty much all of them, thus she wears no scents herself either.

Scentless. I really hate perfume in all its incarnations.

My old roommate used “Hai Karate” and loads of it. Gads, it was awful.

I will use Pinaud Bay Rum on occasion. Does not cost 18 bux. Not sure how it differs from Old Spice.

None, and I resent people who do walking into my air space.

I use Nivea Post Shave Balm. It smells nice, but isn’t overpowering, as my wife can be sensitive to smells. I used nothing for a long time, but once I started shaving my head it feels soothing to the scalp if the shave irritates it, and I also have a sensitive area on my neck that it really helps to put the fire hose on.

None. Give a hoot; don’t pollute.

Water, then air.

Strictly speaking, I don’t need an after-shave. I use a variety of Edge shave gel that claims to be fragrance-free and super-sensitive.

I use Aramis cologne, but I spray it on my chest. The motion of my breathing doles out the scent in small doses throughout the day.

Occasionally Nivea aftershave balm if my skin is a bit irritated, otherwise none. No cologne either. Between soap(shower gel), shampoo and deodorant I’ve got enough scents on me.

I don’t use any, never have, I’m curious, what is the purpose?

I don’t either, usually cold water after a shave is enough. It’s usually used for irritation.

None. I wonder how it may vary by age or region.

I don’t always use aftershave, but when I do, I tend toward the Fine Accoutrements American Blend splash in the summer, and the Real Shaving Co. Soothing balm in the winter.

We’re encouraged to not wear scents at work, so nothing.


Everyone else seems to use some fragrance or another. Let them stink up the joint.

Ditto. I can’t even find unscented antiperspirant anymore in most stores.

Currently I’m using up a bottle of Aqua Velva Ice Blue. I thought a menthol aftershave would be nice for the summer, but I’m not happy with it. It has too much scent (although it dissipates completely in 30-60 minutes), and it takes maybe 15-20 seconds for the menthol to begin to kick in, and it does that gradually instead of what I wanted: a quick burst.

I’ve also tried making my own crude version: 2 parts rubbing alcohol, 1 part water, and a little glycerine. It was okay.

I have also tried the Nivea balm. It’s very expensive, but I liked it a lot. One large drop is a generous portion, it works very well, and there’s very little scent.