Genuinely moving: A young girl finds out she's going to be adopted

There’s a lot of these kind of videos on the internet, but this one really made me tear up. I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful being in the foster system is for a child.

The video.

From the mom’s Facebook page.

I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because I’ll be blubbering all over my desk. I can’t imagine filming something like that and putting it online, though. It feels like invading someone’s privacy.

So awesome.

That gives me hope.

Me too.

I know what you mean as it does feel a little intrusive. On the other hand, moments of true happiness are rare so it’s really special to witness one, even if it’s just on video.

Imagine the relief the girl must feel now that she has a permanent home and parents that love her and have her back. She now has the stability to go to school and make friends without worrying that everything can be uprooted at a moments notice. She doesn’t need to be afraid that she’ll get separated from her siblings and never get to see them again.

Her new parents are saints and I think we all need a reminder, from time to time, that there’s good people out there.

That’s wonderful. This should happen far more than it does.

But it does remind me of a heartbreaking story. A family at our church had fostered many children, and adopted as many as they could. They began the process to adopt another young girl after fostering her for (I think) at least a year, and got all the way to family court. The social worker said, and the judge agreed, that they would not be allowed to adopt the girl because they weren’t black like the little girl was. She was immediately taken from the only family she had ever really known.
The family visited a local park a few months later, and the girl’s new foster family had also taken her there. She was beyond delighted to see her old foster family again, and had to be pulled literally kicking and screaming from them.

As long as this attitude about race continues, the instance in this video will be sadly rare.