Geocities Members - A Survey

I design websites for some friends’ bands, etc. and set them up for these people on Geocities.

I’ve seen the following email from Geocities on two of the websites this week. One of the websites only has about 15 visitors a WEEK?! And except for 2 sample sound files, it has limited (and small filesize) graphics. I’m curious how it could be exceeding this limit on any regular (hourly) basis.

Oh, and I emailed them asking how I could track the byte-transfer per hour myself so I could figure out where the big drain was, since I couldn’t tell based on the site visitor statistics I can access. Surprise! I haven’t received an answer from them yet.

So…anyone (everyone) else getting these?

I haven’t gotten the letter, and I run a pretty busy company website.
Maybe it’s just the particular server you’re residing on is overflowing and they are sending generic (i.e., wrong) letters to everyone hoping some will move?

I think they’ve made a mistake. 15 visitors a week isn’t going to generate that much traffic, no matter what.

I have a pitiful little site on Geocities, I have never gotten such a message about bandwidth.

I’ve gotten this same msg on my geocities site… Which I havent updated in about 2 years and which MAYBE gets 3 hits per month.

It’s vaguely possible I got an email but deleted it before reading it. (Vaguely possible.)

But I also must mention that I have the “Plus” membership, where I pay $5 a month for no ads. Perhaps they are leaving me alone because of that. But it does look like Geocities is sending out such emails to everyone.

Cheap bastards.

I have received that email regarding my web site which also has very little traffic. You just have to read it carefully to understand it:

>> 3 gigabytes per month (measured on an hourly basis).

That is 4.27 Mb/hr so, if your site had requests for 4.27 Mb in a one hour period, you exceeded the traffic quota and they denied further requests for a while. I know downloading a few photos from my website would easily exceed the limit even if the monthly traffic is low.

I’ve gotten it twice, but I probably get 100 or so visitors a week. This is ominous, I have a feeling it’s not going to be a free site at all much longer.

So you think they’re sending out that message every time a websites hourly download exceeds 4.27MB? Because we’ve now gotten 3 emails in 3 days for the same website. It’s kind of annoying…