Geography question

I need to know what a landmass that is rising out of the ocean called. I used to know this but forgot. It is either in geography/oceanography. Sometimes the landmass is huge.

An island?

Continent? Archipelago?

A huge landmass surrounded by water is a continent.
A smaller landmass surrounded by water is an island.
A smallish island composed of accreted coral might be an atoll (generally surrounding with an open center).

The act of creating a mountain is known as orogenesis and some mountains begin below the surface of the water, then push up to become islands.


All of your answers are good, but there is a specific word for the rising landmass in progress. It might be an old word and no longer used but I seriously doubt that. I will keep looking though. Thanks.

High Mass is said on a mountaintop.

Low Mass is said in a mine.

Land Mass is said in places like Iowa.

Doesn’t matter if the land came out of the water, or even the closet.


I think Orogeny is correct. See this link:


I am still looking around. I found some interesting glossary sites but still haven’t found that term. You all have some interesting words but still not the one I am looking for. :smack:

Technically, High Mass is sung.

I hope you were not thinking of cordillera.

You might look at this page to see if anything rings a bell.