George Bush for Clerk of Court!

I was in Jacksonville last weekend for a wedding, and kept seeing signs that said that. Naturally, I was intrigued. I was disappointed to discover that George A. Bush (no relation) is running for Clerk of Court for Clay County, Florida. Still kind of chuckle-worthy.

There’s an Eddie Murphy movie called The Distinguished Gentleman where he plays a con man who happens to have the same name as a long-serving congressman. When the congressman dies, Murphy runs to replace him hoping that the name recognition (and people not paying too much attention) will land him a cushy job.

I wonder if George A. Bush got into politics the same way.

I lived in Clay County for 18 years (up until 8 years ago) and George Bush was running for various offices much of that time. Interesting how some things stay the same…

I don’t think so. As FCM notes, GAB was apparently already in local politics when GHWB was Prez.

I love that movie. I think it’s time for a rewatch on Netflix!

In Florida, is it a help or hindrance to have your name associated with GWB? At
least in running for office, I mean.

It didn’t seem to hurt Jeb, but his term was up before W got really unpopular. The Jacksonville area is more conservative than the state as a whole; lots of military folks and defense contractors, and more than the usual number of Bible-thumpers.