George Bush has a Man Date?

Every time I hear, “President Bush has a mandate,” I giggle furiously. Either to avoid crying, or because I have a dirty mind and live in Gov. McGreevey’s state.

You think Laura would have put the kibosh on that. Wonder who the lucky fellah is? Pretty sure it’s not Gobear.

Doesn’t sound too pumped over it though, calling it “a man date from them asses.”

Well, in his last press conferance he did mention that his stff members tell him when he looks “pretty.”

[giggles furiously]

I wonder if he’ll elect oral on his man date.

Well, he’s got to find something to do with his reinvigorated caucus.

He calls it a Man Date from the people. I wonder who’s pimping for him? Maybe it’s Laura’s way of keeping him off her?

<snerk> reinvigorated caucus <snerk>

So his interest in the exit pole was indeed genuine…

My guess is it’s Canadian aide Scott Reid :smiley:

Is that anything like a “fluffer?”

Haven’t we been up this highway before?

Anyway, Bush’s nephew (the one the first Pres. Bush called “the little brown one - the one that looks Mexican”) is a handsome guy; however, from all accounts, he’s a prick of the first order.

Seems that would be a good thing on a man date.

Apparently Jay Leno said something to the effect of “All the Republicans now have a mandate – well, except Dick Cheney’s daughter.”

I was surprised to hear that the big pussy actually said something racy/funny.

Given that the American Voter has once again been bent over the ballot box, I think “man date” is as appropriate a term as any for what we’ll all experience over the next four years.

If president Bush has a mandate, does that mean he’s forgotten all about TWAT?

Would that be the Hershey Hightway? :eek:

Does he enter only through the back door?

Let’s see:

Bush has a Man Date.

Eve is dating Gov. McGreevey.

Putting two and two together…

Eve, your man’s been cheating on you.

Great minds think alike, it would seem.

George Bush has a Man Date?

You mean, like this?