George H.W. Bush Has Passed

I disagreed with his politics but I would NEVER have accused this president, or his sons, of putting his own interests above his country.

Edited to add - I sincerely believe he thought he did what he believed to be the best for America - I didn’t agree but no offence to his memory is intended

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Agreed. The funeral should be interesting to say the least. Frankly I’m surprised he lasted this long without Barbara.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bill Clinton give the eulogy.

He’s been reunited with her, and their beloved daughter Robin who died at age 3.


And this is an honest measure of a good person.
When even the people who oppose you most can honestly say “He was a good person and a good friend” then you did something right.

He continued the “War on Drugs” that has done nothing but exacerbate the prison-industrial complex in this country.

He started the first Iraq war, which we’re still dealing with the consequences of today.

And worst of all, he enabled the rise to power of his son, and the concomitant rise of the right-wing propaganda machine that is Fox News, which allowed Loser Donald to come to power.

I’ll not be mourning him.

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I would bet on Jeb

Bush has constantly been in and out of the hospital for several years. I was surprised he survived going to Barbara’s funeral. I recall he went back into the hospital afterwards.

He lead a very long and seemingly happy life. Not bad for a pilot shot down in the Ocean and rescued by a submarine.

He played an important role in standing up to the invasion of Kuwait. Making it clear that kind of aggression would not go unchallenged.

RIP George. Your with Barbara again.

I disagree with what you’re saying, but this is not the thread to discuss it.

He didn’t start the Iraq war. Some dude in Iraq invaded and conquered Kuwait. I’m sure GHWB would have preferred that that didn’t happen.

A real gentleman regardless of political beliefs. RIP.

Another funeral Chump won’t be invited to.

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True. But he dealt with the collapse of Communism and the fall of the Soviet Union with extreme deftness. It should have by all rights been a major shit show.

George H.W. Bush dies and there will be no new taxes on funerals.

I am on vacation in Washington DC this weekend. I’ll be visiting the White House tomorrow.

Never voted for the guy, but was always proud to call him my Commander in Chief.

No word on funeral plans yet. I suppose all of that has been planned to the last shovel of dirt.

His was a quiet Presidency of reason and compromise. The people had no interest in that sort of thing, and so we lost that. We saw no crises during his watch because he got in front of them and shut them down before they could grow into a crisis.

A favorite anecdote is that he commissioned a study into the negative effects of pornography, because he thought that it should be made Illegal. He didn’t illegalize it, he commissioned a study. And when the report came back saying that pornography had a positive effect on society, he accepted that and did other things.

I doubt that he ever posted to this board, but if he had, I bet that he would have fit right in.