George Lucas is a racist


No he isn’t?

Hasn’t this been covered before?

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Yes he is!

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Sonuvabitch. Here’s the OP:

Warning: Spoilers for Episode II (although I don’t know why you’d ever go and see such a racist, propagandistic piece of garbage).

I recently watched Episode II and was completely shocked by the blatant stereotyping and racism that is abundant in the film. And not just in this film either but every film in the Star Wars “Saga” has had more than its fair share of racial slurs. I know that many people on this board will refuse to see it due to some obscene reverence of Star Wars and all things associated with George Lucas but it is there. Just face facts and admit it: Lucas hates white people.

I know what many of you will say in your shortsightedness: “But all of the main characters are white!” but don’t let that fool you. If you look carefully and with a watchful eye at the movies (like I have) the racism and stereotyping will make itself apparent.

Consider for example the main characters in Episode IV (A New Hope) the first in the movie series to befoul our theatre screens. Each of the main characters is an embodiment of one or another of typical nasty racial stereotypes about white people. Han Solo represents the supposed greed of white people; Luke Skywalker is the typical whining white boy who refuses to see how good he’s got it, and Princess Leia? Well she’s a “princess,” get it? Obi-Wan Kenobi is the only remotely decent representation of a white person in the movie and he commits suicide at the end when he looks at his compatriots and realizes just how scummy they are (you thought he did that so they could get away? Don’t be naïve).

And then when the one decent white person (Kenobi) comes back from the grave he’s not even white anymore! He’s blue! Give me a fucking break!

But it gets worse. If you notice the two main protagonists of both the first and second trilogy get their hand or arm cut off! Lucas is obviously trying to imply that white people aren’t “whole people” like other people are. Or how about how the villain in Episode II (Dooku, which suitably sounds a lot like a synonym for crap, which coincidentally is how I describe the Star Wars films) can beat two good white people, but then a little green midget forces him to run for cover. Even the casual observer must admit that Lucas is saying several things here: 1) That white people only gain power by being bad (hence the one “bad” white person defeating the two “good” white people) and 2) that white people can’t even handle decrepit, bad CGI, snot-colored, minature freaks in a throw-down. We’re weak he’s trying to say! He even demonstrates the “white people gaining power through evil” theme with the Emperor and Darth Vader!

Or how about in the Empire Strikes Back when Luke jumps out of the carbon freezing chamber and Vader says “Impressive. Most impressive.” What’s so impressive George? That a white man can jump?

Han Solo getting frozen in carbonite is another stereotype about white people’s physical abilities. By having him frozen in carbonite Lucas is slyly making a jab at white people about how stone-like we supposedly are on the dance floor!

Lucas is also trying to say that white people can’t even take care of themselves. Why else would Artoo-Detoo have to save the white protagonists over and over again? And notice that Artoo bears more than a passing resemblance to a garbage can, almost as if Lucas is saying “gotta take care of the trash (i.e. white people).”

Or how about the clones? Lucas is trying to make us believe that white people are all alike, the grounding point for any stereotype! Any before any spouts some “but they were cloned from Jango Fett, and he’s not white” BS, remember, the clones all wore white armor. See?

And before anybody jumps on me that I’m just being paranoid let me mention that I’m not the only one who’s noticed these things. My friend has as well and he’s not even white! He’s Irish, so there!

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No it hasn’t

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Asylum, will you be my new best friend?

Dude, the green pills are not your friends. Especially not if you take twelve at once.

Dammit Asylum, you take that back!

Yoda is not bad CGI; he’s actually pretty durn good CGI.

Yeah. And I suppose all the white people are bad CGI. SNORT

WOW!!! Someone should lay off the x-files reruns. It was funny though. Darth Vader is white but he wears black and his voice is James Earl Jones??? I love the “message” rants.

First, let’s be clear: some of my best friends are white people. Heck, one of my sisters even married a white guy. We aren’t real happy about it, but she can choose to marry whoever she wants, it’s her life. I digress. Perhaps Lucas has some valid points. For instance, I remember on In Living Color, maybe one of the Fly Girls was white, and she was the worst dancer of the bunch. And it’s pretty clear that Anakin, at whatever age, can’t act. You probably noticed that he’s white, too. So, although Lucas is obviously racist, white people only have themselves to blame for some of these stereotypes.

Oh, and did you notice that Lucas emasculates Anakin by referring to him as “Annie” all the time. I hear that in Episode III he’ll get a little dog named Sandy.

Nice one, Asylum.

I’m ashamed to say you had me going until the Kenobi part. :o

*o/` The Sith’ll come out
Bet your bottom credit that tomorrow,
I’ll be bad!
Just thinkin’ about
When Sidious reaches through my sorrow
and drives me maaaaaad!

When I think of the death of my dear mother,
as I slaughter the Sand People and siiiiiiiingggg:

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I’ll go bad tomorrow!
You’re only three years awaaaay! o/`*


Don’t even get me started on the X-Files. Most white people never notice how aliens are controlling us and the one white person who does is considered a paranoid? And he’s obviously a freak because he only has sex once in the series! And with a vampire at that! Obviously Chris Carter (that asshole) is trying to say that white people are ignorant and unobservant!

And I forgot to elaborate about the whole Princess Leia deal. You may not be aware that Carrie Fisher is part Jewish in heritage, although I’m sure you’re aware that she is American (important!). Lucas casts her as a princess. So she’s a Jewish American Princess (JAP), a common stereotype! Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Well, I for one am shocked! SHOCKED, I say!

When that stupid movie finally opens here (c’mon! Hurry dammit!) I’m going to go see it just so I can be even more morally outraged!

It’s time we white men stood up and fought back! We’ve been oppressed far too long… :mad:

I think this bears repeating. What we have here are swarthy New Zealanders (and since they’re swarthy, they’re apparently now supposed to be portraying Latinos) dressing up as white people. And for what purpose? To suggest that white people are the most incompetent soldiers (stormtroopers - the Empire’s Washington Generals), who are completely incapable of other white people down a narrow hallway (see: Episode IV). These New Zealanders portraying Latinos who portray caucasians dress alike, eat alike, talk alike, and generally suck alike.


I regret that must decline your invitation to participate in your hallucination.



(mainly because I’m not clever enough)

OK, this:

Made me laugh out loud. My coworkers now think I’m certifiably nuts (they’re right, but I had 'em fooled until now).

And no mention made of Lando saving the poor white folks? Tch, tch.

It’s almost as bad as what that asshole Peter Jackson is going to name the sequel to Lord of the Rings: “The Two Towers.” Obviously, trying to capitalize on 9/11. Shameful.

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