George Miller Memorial Thread

The comedian George Miller passed away this weekend. George had more appearances on Letterman (both NBC and CBS) than any other comedian. So in memory of George, what is your favorite George Miller joke?

My personal favorite was when he was talking about the time he went to this really fancy restaurant. “They had a different waiter for everything. The water waiter came over and gave us water. The butter waiter came over and gave us some butter. And then the head waiter came over…” :smiley:

It’s sad when anyone dies, but I’ve never found the man the least bit funny. Letterman’s fondness for his act was always a mystery to me.

How did he die?

I have to agree. George Miller always struck me as being a spectacularly unfunny comedian. I can remember appearances on Letterman where he didn’t get a single chuckle from the audience.

I seem to recall he was funnier when he and Dave were young. I suspect that his later appearances were just due to Dave showing loyalty to an old friend.

A link.

The entire town of Squirt, WA mourns.

I am amazed at how many Letterman fans don’t get George’s humor. He is just like Dave only subtler. (Or: What Dave would be if he mellowed out.)

Hopefully, Dave will retire before he gets to that point.

Ah, George Miller…puts me in the mind of the good ol’ days of Letterman, his early NBC years. Miller actually had his own videotaped segment for a short while on “Late Night” called “In My Room” where he talked to a camera about various things that bothered him. He closed each segment by capping the camera lens and saying, "I’m George Miller and I’m still in my room."

One of my favorite Miller lines went something like: “Well I just flew in here to New York City and dang it if I didn’t burn my tongue on one of those piping hot rolls they serve you on the plane…”

According to the CNN Obit, Miller had suffered from leukemia for several years and died of complications from a blood clot on his brain.