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It would be nice if you elaborate on your rather brief comment.

Is this the column you’re commenting about?

NObody in this age could possibly think that a man steps out of his shower, towels off, picks up a gun, shoots the ceiling and the floor, then shoots himself in the head while holding the gun far enough away to prevent powder burns on his temple…THEN wipes ALLL the fingerprints off the gun and the slugs…THEN dies… SOMEBODY give these people a Forensics 101 book!!!

Wait till you hear what happen to JFK…

Vandermeer1 it’s traditional to give some backfground information in the original post so the rest of us know just WTF you’re talking about.

The Holywoodland movie mentioned in the undated column is a very good movie, with powerful acting overcoming a somewhat soft script. I’d recommend it. And it’s an antidote to all those Ben Affleck haters out there, since his Reeves is superb.

The ending is fuzzy in my memory and looking at comments that seems to be because it’s fuzzy in the script too.

Apparently there’s a suggestion that the studio had him bumped off, which they then back off from and leave suicide as an option.

Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olson, has stated repeatedly that he thought it was a suicide, for whatever that’s worth.

But Noel Neill and Phyllis Coates think it could have been murder, but doubt the studio angle.

Nobody knows.

Jim Nolt, the author of a book mentioned in the column, has a huge web site on the Superman show.

But it didn’t happen in this age. It was way back in 1959, when people smoked on airplanes, drove without seatelts and suicides ran an altogether different path.


This is about a Staff Report. Moved.



In case someone does not know the staff report was written by the actor Jim Beaver. He was an advisor on the movie. I wish he would do more here. If anyone is interested he writes interesting critiques of old movies on his facebook page.!/pages/Jim-Beaver/254377915494

Then why is it signed"SDSTAFF CKDextHavn’s Spouse Judith"?

Interesting. It seems to be cut up. There is a mention of jumblejim at the end but nothing else. Maybe he wanted his role erased. He did write the original column. Part of the conspiracy???

My wife wrote the original Staff Report, long long lonnnnng ago. A few years ago, jumblejim added a few additional comments. They now seem to have disappeared, and I dunno what happened. We’re looking into it.

Guess I must have confused his additional comments with the rest of the article. Maybe I combined itwith other stuff he wrote on the subjuct. Regardless it would be nice for him to come back and contribute some more.

Not sure why the later addition to the Staff Report didn’t carry over – but some of the Staff Reports didn’t transfer over correctly. We’re fixing as we find them.

I have repaired this Staff Report and you can read Jim Beaver’s contribution to the topic here:

Well, THAT makes a difference!