superman..murder or suicide

could it have been a case that his soon to be wife was having a last fling with mr. bliss? why was he in bed while his fiancee was with another man downstairs, and carol not with her husband but another man “partying” at wee hours in the morn., maybe bringing to light why he might have shot himself if he even did, and lastly a question i ponder on did she know he hadn’t changed his will prior to his untimely death? what man three days from his wedding is going to kill himself unless love seemed hopeless?..murder i suspect, csi anyone???

i replied to the article but didnt relize as i am a first timer here to put a link to the main article i was responding to… my apologies. I put that link above in this “thread” yet it belongs to my comment “another look”. The article by the way was absolutely inciteful and now im going to have to see the movie about it all. thanks to the writers of the straight dope.

Yeah, I spend too much of my time hanging online with forensics people and it’s sounding like suicide to me from all that judith and jumblejim say. George seems to have too high an opinion of his acting talent and, like too many actors, didn’t–or DID–realize Superman was as good as he could hope to get. He also didn’t foresee that being typecast could lead to a career of fancoms (with groupies!), since they were ten or fifteen years in the future. A man, or character, before his time.

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Well, he never made any money.