George RR Martin releases a preview chapter from "A Feast For Crows"

I know there are a lot of us here that have been waiting for freaking ever for this book, the next in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series, to be written. Well, on his site, Martin himself has finally updated his status message and provided a link to a preview chapter (scroll down toward the bottom). Still no word on a publication date (and he specifically tells us not to believe any dates you may see on any websites), but this is much better than all these months of nothing!

I’m in the middle of the chapter now - I paused briefly to write this. It’s been so long since I’ve read the books that I can’t comment too intelligently on it, but it’s reminding me of why I like this series.

Go, George, go! And, while we’re at it, go faster!!


Thanks for pointing this out Smeghead! I can’t wait until the new book is published. I think that I’m going to go and re-read all of them after I finish this chapter.

I’m trying to avoid reading preview chapters or anything else that might contain spoilers for the new book, but resisting the temptation is hard. I’m a bit concerned about him saying that there are only the first thirty-two chapters finished right now, plus a few other random chapters. About ten pages per chapter, about a thousand pages, means we need a hundred chapters total. On the plus side, it seems that he had to completely rethink the format of this book a couple of times, which explains most of the delay thus far. From this point on, hopefully, he’ll just be writing with a clear picture of where he wants to go next, so maybe the rest of the manuscript will go pretty quickly.

And yes, I’m planning to start a reread soon too.

Thanks for the link and the happy time spent reading new material from “Song of Ice and Fire”!

I am a huge GRRM fan and can say that he is a wonderful person as well. If anyone is interested in more spoiler chapters, I go to a site that has a collection of readings that GRRM has done at various conventions from AFFC.

I talked to GRRM at the last WorldCon and he says that he thinks AFFC should be done by the end of the year. :slight_smile:

Here is the site:

Thanks for the link, Smeghead. :slight_smile:

So. Anybody want to discuss Jon Snow’s parentage? :smiley:

I’m currently slogging thru page 9 of a 30 page, 3 year thread debating the varied merits of who might be his parents. It not only draws on the published works, but also comments made by GRRM at various conventions and book signings. And I thought some of us here at the SDMB got snippy with each other over extremely miniscule details!!

Check this thread out if you’re interested!
a brief treatise on the possible parentage of Jon Snow

Qadgop the Mercotan , after you finish the Jon question, there is the parent site, that has a collection of emails sent to GRRM and his replies. Specifically, that address is

(sorry, the last time I tried to make a link here, it really blew up :stuck_out_tongue: )

BTW, GRRM’s wife has asked that emails to GRRM wait until AFFC is finished. :slight_smile:

Yes, my name is Rhelle, and I am an addict. :smiley:

Rhelle, doesn’t he live sort of in your neighborhood?

AuntiePam , I am not sure which he you are referring to…

If he is GRRM, than no GRRM lives in New Mexico. Sorry, I may be a bit dense today- sick child and no sleep for me. :frowning: