George Takei: 'Oh, my!'

In George Takei’s Sharp Aquos Quattron commercial, he exclaims ‘Oh, my!’ Is that a reference to something he said in Star Trek? Is it a reference to something else? Or is it just for the commercial?

I know back when Stern was on public radio he made a sound bite of Takei saying it when he was a guest on his show, and he’d play it as a sound effect regularly. Not sure if that’s where it originated or just gained popularity though.

I saw the “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” episode of Futurama recently, and Takei said “Oh, My!” in that, also. So, whether or not it originated with Howard Stern, it seems to have become a catchphrase of his.

George was the guest announcer on The Stern Show a few weeks ago and talked about the ad. He said he put that line in himself as it has become somewhat of a catchphrase since its use on the Stern show over the years.

Seconded on the catchphrase business. He played a presidential waiter on the Disney Channel show Cory in the House*, and when he ate a bad shrimp on Air Force One, and the lower GI consequences hit, that was what he said on the way to the bathroom.

I think he might have said it on Star Trek once, as well, but I have no cite for it.

*And yes, I am very ashamed that I know this, thank you very much.

Ah. I never liked Howard Stern.

Just for clarity, it’s 100% George Takei and has been probably forever. It’s just one of his natural mannerisms. Howard Stern recognized its awesomeness and made it famous, but George has (probably) always been saying it.

Was it one of Captain Kirk’s catch phrases? I know they were his dying words in Generations.

George Takei and William Shatner have always hated each other, so I doubt they ever cross-pollinated speaking mannerisms.

More correctly, Takei hates Shatner while Bill probably didn’t (doesn’t?) think anything in particular about George. In either case, Kirk’s dying words being the same as Takei’s catchphrase is, as Ellis Dee implies, almost certainly coincidental.

George Takei in a brutally funny bit on some basketball player guy or something

I’m straight, but I thought this bit was brilliantly funny, something you’d never expect the straight-laced character of Hikaru Sulu to say…

sadly, there was no expected “Oh My!” gag here

In Third Rock From the Sun, there’s an episode where the family gets a whole bunch of room service stuff charged to George’s account at a hotel. When he’s talking to the receptionist, he looks at his bill and says, “5,000 dollars?! Oh well, I’m rich.”

The receptionist says, “Er, sir, that’s 50,000 dollars.”

“Oh my.”

I think that’s the impression Shatner tries to display publicly, but it’s clear to me by both his words and deeds that he has always hated George. Whether that hatred is/was based on a personal thing or if it’s just the general way an egomaniac hates everyone who draws any attention away from them I couldn’t say, though.

That’s why I hate everyhone here.

That was hilarious.

Here’s how Takei and Shatner really feel about each other.

Seconded. My regard for Mr. Takei has increased immeasurably.

I guess I have assumed that Takei was building on that one classic voice/character - the guy who was always the shop clerk in the movies from the 30’s who was servile but dismissive to the lead character - would say things like “Yesssss” with that deep voice that started high but ended low - whenever he is referenced on the Dope folks chime in with his name and a clip - hopefully it will happen here.

I think it is the same influence with Jon Stewart, when he sets up a buffoon and they cut back to Stewart, who says “Go Onnnnn” in the same sort of way…

Howard Stern used to goof on a tape of Takei that was apparently recorded without his (Takei’s) knowledge. The spoofer/phone caller really egged him on, pretending that he was Ricardo Montaban, and George said Oh MY quite a lot. This was played over and over again on Stern.

And it was pretty funny as those things go.

I remember watching Comedy Central’s roast of Shatner. He rode onstage on one of his horses. When it was Takei’s turn to make his remarks, he said, “Bill, I’ve been waiting 40 years to say this to you. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!” He put every ounce of his emotion into it. You could see his rage clearly expressed on his face and I think Shatner was actually taken aback at the ferocity of Takei’s outburst.