George Zimmerman has a new painting for sale.

This painting is the latest from Zimmerman. Not my taste, but I’m sure he’ll make a ton from it. The first one sold for over 100K.

Wasn’t the first one basically a copy of another picture?

You know who else was a competent but not exceptional artist?

I’d forgotten about this guy. I thought you meant George Zimmer of the Men’s Wearhouse. :smack:

Winston Churchill?

No, it wasn’t. You could take a photograph of a waving American flag, recolour it, add some text and it would look a lot like his painting, but you can’t own the concept of a waving American flag.

As is this one, or at least, a copy of the AP’s photo:

Zimmerman has been getting lessons. He’s a lot better than me. :wink: I can barely draw stick figures.
Video from NBC

I bet he’s projecting the original image onto his canvas and do an electronic paint-by-number.

Kind of ironic that the OP’s username is “not what you’d expect”.

He’s like a modern Rembrandt. If Rembrandt just painted, instead of murdering an unarmed teenager.

For some reason he omitted what looks like a cross necklace she was wearing even though he got every other detail.

I think Duckster has the right idea.

I like this one better: