Georgia's electoral setup: is there a Hell deep enough?

Everyone knows about the long lines for poor people to vote in Georgia. The closed precincts and dud machines. The voter purges and the lack of paper ballots. Just routine bigotry in action. But it now seems REPUBLICANS ran a heavily attended minority precinct IN A NURSING HOME. When volunteers tried to hand out masks and hand sanitizer the police ran them out.

In an era where illegal, unethical,and contemptible behavior emanates daily from the White House, this stands out.

Why doesn’t Satan open the maw of hell and take every Republican from Georgia back home? Is there any legal means to legally punish this?

I am distressed.

That George has a lot to answer for.

I don’t know how to ask a mod to fix the title:smack:. I hate autocorrect and the voting system in Georg(ia).**

Oh, this thread will certainly be active as Election Day draws near. Why? My only choice to vote in a federal election in the United States is via mail-in ballot in a Georgia precinct. Surprisingly Georgia does allow me to request a mail-in (actual name: absentee ballot) by sending a scan to the country registrar in E-mail. That’s the end of the convenience. I now must wait for a ballot, once they are printed, to be sent to me and after I complete the ballot, I then have to send the thing back. Ah, here’s the rub. It’s already 17 June 2020. With only one cargo plane between the United States and Beijing per month, do you really think my vote is going to get counted? has a lot to answer for! No more directly elected presidents my ass!

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Monty, do you have a cite for one *cargo *flight per month going to the US? Passenger flights have been choked off but not cargo as far as I know. I just tried to search but didn’t find anything definitive. This didn’t shed much light but did say most countries are prioritizing mail even if there are delays.

I know for a fact that there are dozens if not hundreds of planes leaving china every day bringing high value electronics (iPhone) for example.

What’s odd is that Georgia is hardly a swing state; it’s quite solidly red. There wasn’t/isn’t much of a need to rig anything.


My only cite is the conversation I had at the post office back in April. They very well could have meant just for the mails. Stuff from Korea usually takes just a couple of days, but now takes 2 1/2 to 3 weeks too, judging by how long the care packages my wife is sending me from Busan. I don’t see Beijing as being a hotspot of electronics manufacturing. Other things, sure.

Can’t say for China, but mail from the States to Australia has been very slow. A birthday card for my wife took about seven weeks, first class mail. I ordered a shirt about April 26th and it doesn’t appear to have left San Francisco, according to the tracking - again, first class. Haven’t gotten my stimulus check, and that would have been mailed out about the same time.
I don’t have a lot of specific information, but I have been told that a lot of mail is carried by commercial airlines, and there just hasn’t been that much commercial international traffic lately.

Too late to edit:
Those are all USPS, by the way. The shirt was sent UPS, but they passed it on to the USPS almost immediately.
Fortunately, I get my ballot via email; I’m planning on sending it back to the States via the fastest, most trackable way. Pricey, but this election is important.

Yep. I think I’ll be using FedEx assuming I get the damn ballot in time.

Because Satan doesn’t exist (and neither does Hell).

More’s the pity when such deserving candidates show up.

Democrat Stacey Abrams came pretty close to winning the governor’s seat just a couple of years ago – she lost by 50,000 votes, in an election where hundreds of thousands of voters were purged from the voting rolls shortly before the election with no notice. That must have put the fear of Satan into the Republicans.

Exactly. Rural Georgia’s mostly red, but there are a few majority-black districts in the southwestern part of the state that go consistently Democratic. Savannah, Augusta and Athens are purple-to-blue, and Atlanta hasn’t had a Republican representative, mayor, or city official in decades.

In fact, according to a couple of media outlets, Georgia is in very much in play this election, with both of our senate seats up for grabs, thanks to Sen. Isakson’s retirement. And as RitterSport noted, Stacy Abrams came close to winning the governorship – well, I think she probably did win, but her opponent, who was then the serving Secretary of State, dipped into the GOP’s bag of vote suppression tricks to secure his own election. The Pubs are running scared in Georgia.

A lot of “red states” are red only because of Republican electoral chicanery, and would be blue if allowed to have fair elections. Which is why the Republicans are doing everything they can to prevent the elections from being fair.

This type of vote suppression is why I don’t trust preference polls. The polls may accurately reflect opinions of people planning to vote, but do not account for all the GOP vote suppression efforts.

Another question: do you think that the average republican/Trump-leaning voter necessarily objects to these kinds of sick tactics?

I don’t. I think they endorse them, which is why I say Republican voters, not just the people they elect, can burn in hell. Nobody would be doing this if we didn’t have a good 35-40% that weren’t sociopaths that snicker at the thought of not only lib tears but lib corpses.

They’re bullies, and in Trump, McConnell, Stephen Miller, Bill Barr, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and everyone else, they’ve found kindred spirits with whom they identify.