German/European Dopers Please Explain Rescue Pastillen?

I bought some tins of this at the airport in Frankfurt before I left Germany recently and was intrigued that they’re **supposed ** to be sort of a “cure-all” (if that’s not the correct word, please correct me), but when I asked the pharmacist to tell me how they worked, she said she didn’t know and neither did anyone else. They just seemed to work.

I wanted to use them as stocking stuffers for my hypochondriac girlfriend, but need a little more info. I knew my Dopers would know better, so I am throwing the question out to y’all.



They are apparently prepared according to the precepts of Bach flower remedies (can be sold in pharmacies because they don’t harm the patient). It seems there are 38 flower extracts targeted to specific ills, and the ‘Rescue’ mixture is for emergency treatment against shock panic, tenseness, stress and dreaminess (!) when there is no qu^H^Htherapist available to prescribe a specific flower.