German firemen on the Hershey Highway

No, that is not a blog soon to disappear from Tumblr, it is a major spill at a chocolate factory.

I saw that on the news this evening. That was probably a lot less unpleasant to clean up than most of the things these crews deal with.

Several years ago, a big farm stand in my area that mostly sold pumpkins caught fire, and the FFs were wading through knee-deep cooked pumpkin.

Ain’t got shit on The Great Molasses Flood of 1919.

Oh, the loss. What a scandal. And we thought it was nice when the bread factory exploded. Smelled like fresh baked bread for weeks.

Looks like the chocolatiers made it chocolate rain. Somebody’s getting fired!

Some stay dry and others feel the pain.

Reading the title, my first thought was something more…errrr…sexual! :smiley:

As per my understanding, it would be the Greek firemen more likely to use the hershey highway. :smiley:

When the candle factory was burning down, we all stood around singing, “Happy Birthday.” – Steven Wright

[Mrs. Gloop]Augustus! Come back![/MG]

I thought it was going to be about PA 422.