German Military Information?

Ok, this isn’t the typical post question, but I have nowhere else to turn <sob>. I’ve been searching the 'Net for information on the current German military, specifically what kinds of weapons they carry and what kinds of equipment is standard issue (I have my reasons). I can’t find this anywhere. Does anyone know this sort of thing, or know where I could find it? Mucho gracias.

As far as the major hardware is concerned, Jane’s has several volumes of books that detail that sort of thing.

My guess is that sometime between the aftermath of WWII and West Germany’s integration into NATO, much of their equiptment was designed to be compatable with that of the US armed forces since the German and American Armies would have the largest contingents in any defence of Western Europe against the Soviets.

I would also guess that all the East Bloc equipment belonging to the East German armed forces were probably junked (or sold by members of those forces) soon after reuniting with the rest of Germany.

Yes. Jane’s. Can’t be looking too hard if you haven’t looked there.
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Go here and use Jane’s search engine:

This looks like a really interesting site.

Hmm. Perhaps I posted too hastily. I had been to Janes, but I couldn’t find useful FREE information (hours upon hours of surfing makes one not research correctly). I could subscribe to $1500/year membership, but I didn’t want that. I will return to Janes and scour till my eyes bleed, or I find the information I am searching for. Many thanks to you all.

Well, all I can remember off-hand is the German army did or still does use the G-3 by Heckler&Koch 7.62NATO, selective-fire battle rifle. They carry 9mm pistols, again H&Ks, but I’m not sure which model.
They were planning on switching their main-issue rifle to the H&K G11 which uses a 4.7mm caseless round, but due to economic factors re:the re-unification with East Germany that has been put on indefinite hold.
There main battle tank is currently the Leopard II which is comparable to the US M-1A Abrams with a 120mm smooth-bore cannon. The cannons for both are produced in germany (by Rhinemetal IIRC.)The tank has a co-axial 5.56mm machine gun(monted alongside the main gun ergo:co-axial) and a 7.62mm machine gun mounted near the commanders hatch.

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If you live in a very large city, say New York or Los Angeles, the public library will probably carry all of Jane’s publications. However, the print versions cost a lot too. The print magazine you want to read is Jane’s Defence Weekly.

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BMVg Online - Bundeswehr Homepage
Bundeswehr - Die offizielle Homepage der Bundeswehr - the official homepage of the Federal Armed Forces of Germany

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