German speakers: would you please help translate a brief passage?

I need to write a brief piece based on this German news item. The free machine translations I’ve tried so far don’t fully capture the nuances. Would you mind helping?

I get that Cinemaxx and Imax have decided to end their joint venture in the Bremen Cinemaxx theater.

It’s not clear what the chairman, Gisy, is saying about the announcement, either in the indirect or the direct quotes. Could someone please provide a smooth translation of that section?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last sentence seems to say that the removal of the IMAX equipment will begin on Jan. 28, and that a new, larger, silver screen will be installed, with a new sound system from Meyer Sound.

I think you approximated the meaning of the text pretty well.

The first part consists of all sorts of euphemisms for ‘we picked the wrong location so it didn’t work out and now we quit’. Then they are talking about their plans and what will happen in Bremen.

‘Ausbau’ can mean both ‘dismantle’ and ‘expand’ but the contexr makes it pretty clear that they are taking the current system out.

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Thanks very much, FIT. That makes sense.

This is exactly why translating from German to English can sometimes be so frustrating. I read the article and it was exactly the word “Ausbau” that threw me off. Normally that just means “construction/expanding” - which would change the entire meaning of the article. Just wonder why they didn’t use the word “Abbau” (dismantle/break down) instead - then it would have been far easier to translate. Ah - the subtle nuances…can drive me nuts.

Thanks, Found In Translation, for my German Lesson Of The Day.

They used the term Ausbau for a reason here IMO. Ausbau in this context stresses the removal of the IMAX equipment rather than its dismantling, so the implication to the reader is that the investment will be partly recovered.